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4568Re: [afedrisdr] AFEDRI SDR-net rev.5.0 in stand-alone mode (i.e. internal DSP processing/demodulation)

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  • Conrad PA5Y
    Sep 7, 2017
      Hi Alex that looks really interesting please keep us posted. Well done!


      Conrad PA5Y

      On 06/09/2017 21:24, alex@... [afedrisdr] wrote:

      Hello All,

      I want to share with you some information relatively the new development in the AFEDRI / AFE822x SDR hardware / software.

      Present time I am working hard on the implementation of stand-alone mode for 

      AFEDRI SDR-Net rev.5.0+.

      I’ve found that it is possible for AFEDRI SDR-Net rev.5.0 hardware to implement stand-alone functionality.

      What I mean stand-alone?

      It is mode when AFEDRi SDR make everything including signal decoding and spectrum (waterfall) displaying.

       This task is under very hard development present time, but prototype is working and do that job as expected and even better.

      I posted today some photos of working prototype, the GUI you will see there is far from the final realization, only to test concept.

      By the way the GUI – it is my the most serious problem in this project, I am not good in this area, so moving slowly.

         Below I try to give short information about AFEDRI- LCD stand-alone project:

      1. Present implementation based on the standard AFEDRI SDR-net rev.5.0 hardware. But in same time it requires some light modification.

      2. The new special firmware upgrade for CPU and FPGA required.

      3. Installation of two optional connectors (headers)

      4. Most important additional  LCD-Audio codec controller board required that is stacked into headers installed on the main AFEDRI’s PCB.

      5. For VHF/SHF version  SMT MOSFET should be removed and replaced by inductor.

      What stand-alone AFEDRi can do?

      1. It can do everything that all standard AFEDRi can with PC and specila SDR applications (HDSDR etc.),

      2. in addition AFEDRI stand-alone can decode internally

      AM, SSB, WFM (including stereo), NFM modulated signals and you can listen decoded sound on headphones  . No PC’s help needed.

      3. It has also embedded LCD with resolution 480x320 pixels and can display panoramic spectrum and waterfall.

      4. For embedded DSP the  96kHz and (optionally) 192kHz spectrum bandwidth is supported.

      You can see some pictures that has been uploaded  recently in the Photo area of this group




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