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  • Ingemar Lekteus
    16 Oct

      After looking further into this I realize that the S-meter scaling must be correct. Although S units and dBm are not shown at the same time it seems that S1 is around -121 dBm and S9 around - 73 dBm. (You can change back and forth and compare with elements outside the spectrum window.)

      My remark that the S-meter change was not the same as the RF gain change was unfortunately based on signals that were too variable. I have now studied more stable signals and think that I was wrong. So, obviously Simon does not compensate for different RF gain settings.

      So a reasonable guess would be that the signal level is the SDR Console reading - RF gain. (Conversion needed if I want S units.)

      Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!


      Den måndag, 16 oktober 2017 19:39 skrev "alex@... [afedrisdr]" <afedrisdr@...>:

      If "S-meter reading (in dBm) in SDR Console does not change" with RF Gain - I suppose it is correct behavior - because signal power does not depends on RF Gain.

       I suppose Simon make correct compensation for "RF gain", still may be there is need to insert / change some constant offset.

      The only changes that we should see it is - background S-meter level increasing (lower S-meter limit) when user decrease the  "RF gain".

      So please check it again :-)


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