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  • Anthony Casorso
    Oct 16, 2017

      SDR Console V3 allows you to set up a gain offset for the receiver so that you can compensate for the actual receiver gain and still have an accurate S-meter. The setting is well hidden however. To adjust it you need to go to the radio definition window, select the AFEDRI, and select EDIT. There you will find a "gain" adjustment. There is an issue though. The gain setting only applies to live listening, not recordings. This is unfortunate.

      I use the AFEDRI gain setting to adjust for best dynamic range and then use the SDR Console gain calibration to make the S-meter correct.



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      If "S-meter reading (in dBm) in SDR Console does not change" with RF Gain - I suppose it is correct behavior - because signal power does not depends on RF Gain.

       I suppose Simon make correct compensation for "RF gain", still may be there is need to insert / change some constant offset.

      The only changes that we should see it is - background S-meter level increasing (lower S-meter limit) when user decrease the  "RF gain".

      So please check it again :-)


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