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4588Afedri Stuck at 96 khz bandwidth in USB mode

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  • vmatheson2005
    21 Nov

      Hi all,

      I have been running Afedris for quite a while and this is the first time I have ever came across this.

      My 2 channel unit will not accept any bandwidth that I enter and then save in USB mode.

      I bring up say HDSDR the waterfall displays just under 100 kHz of band. I bring up sdr control from the back ground and change the bandwidth to 200khz and go back to HDSDR...the bandwidth panel shows 200khz but the display shows 100khz or so.

      I must say that these radios have run 100's of hours and never a problem.

      I can tell you that on the single channel the audio properties for the Afedri Line in shows 16 bit 249998 hz

      and when I connect the 2 channel it shows 96000 hz.

      It appears it will display what the Afedri is set at.

      Does the 2 channel unit need a hard reset on the board to clear everything?


      Vernon - VE1VDM

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