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4589Re:: Afedri Stuck at 96 khz bandwidth in USB mode

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  • alex4z5lv
    22 Nov
      Hello Vernon,
      I think I do not understand what you try to do exactly, but I have some common instructions to you relatively the Dual Channel unit:
      1. If AFE822x SDR-Net is configured to any of Dual Channel modes (Diversity or simple Dual Channel) the maximal sample rate cannot be set to value more than 250kHz!!! - it is physical limit.
       In Single channel mode maximum is 250kHz
      3. If we talking about USB connection - every time you are changing the sample rate you must apply Reset to SDR and also to wait some time till Windows will detect the new USB settings and finish to install (reinstall) drivers.
      4. HDSDR does not support correctly 4 channel audio, so if your SDR is configured to any of Dual Channel modes (Diversity or simple Dual Channel)) - please do not use USB connection for this modes - Network will be OK.
      Or use SDR application that can hold 4 channel audio like, for example, Linrad.
      5. If you want to use HDSDR and SDR in any of Dual Chanel modes - please use Network connection.
      6. Network connection allows to change the sample rate in real time without need to close application or reboot.And maximal sample rate is much higher.

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