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Re: [Aixam and Microcar] Front Disc Replacement?

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    Hi Marcus, I d agree pretty much all the way with JJ. As you may have read elsewhere we have a Mac 500 which we use all year round in all weathers and
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      Hi Marcus, I'd agree pretty much all the way with JJ. As you may have read elsewhere we have a Mac 500 which we use all year round in all weathers and conditions. As far as we know {always willing to be wrong or learn} the running gear is predominantly the same. We've had to replace all the wheel bearings at various times and each had its challenges! The front were a headache. Although the discs were and are fine, we could not separate them from the hub. With years of experience in similar engineering we had to admit defeat as it wasn't vital for us to remove or replace them. If that becomes necessary then we shall apply other means. We first had a front wheel bearing collapse. Upon getting the car home we removed that hub assembly complete and retired to the warmth and cleanliness of the garage[ you understand that all of these terms like 'warmth' are relative I'm sure}. Failing to remove the disc we decided to attempt bearing removal from the inner or joint side.
      Subsequent measurement revealed that the bearing will not come out that side anyway as on ours the outer disc side of the hub aperture is slightly smaller to allow a seating face for the bearing when pressed fully in. Careful examination revealed a dreaded circlip holding the bearing in on the inner face. Having removed this we had the arduous task of trying to remove what was left of the bearing, basically a heap of mangled balls and a pair of inclined outer races separated by a spacer. None of the pullers we posess fitted! No drift we had would move it without damage to the hub. We tried carefully grinding with special stones through the first race. After four hours of lessening patience this worked. But there was not room to reach the second half! At this point I went for a walk and a think! Returning, I inverted an old hydraulic car jack, made spacing brackets and a box section frame and then bolted the hub complete with disc in place. Using a large tubular box spanner
      cut in half as a spacer drift of exactly the correct diameter, I slowly aplied pressure until all was snugly wedged. You have to be very carefull not to split thin walled castings like these under pressure so we would recommend no-one try this without much prior knowledge. Then we turned it the other way up in a huge engineers vice and aplied some heat to the casting only via a small blowtorch. As it warmed up evenly, we gradually moved the jack, and guess what? In another five minutes it was out. We sourced the bearing {Rossefields} and reversed our procedure to fit it. No worries. But, if in doubt, let the shop do it. We eventually did the other one the same way, and very quickly now that we knew what we were dealing with. No marking or damage to anything resulted, but you do have to be carefull, especially when pressing in the new bearing, to make sure it is absolutely straight as it goes in. Incidentall, the bearing is a cross match to some made by Volvo and Fiat,
      available at my local motor factors, BUT is not cheaper than origional equipment from Rossefields who are brilliant as I'm sure you will know. Many thanks for reading this. Regards. BJ.

      marcus200069 <theduke_73@...> wrote: well thats put me off lol, i think ill leave it to the dealer it
      sounds like they could do it in half the time and if they fudge it
      they cant fix it lol, JJ i aint got much left to do for the mot now,
      done the handbrake and replaced rear bearings, brakes and hubs, also
      wheel cylinders, got new batttey, and just been around emptying cans
      of spray oil around it, still waiting on DVLA for the paperwork, then
      in to the dealer for the last few things and an mot, then its taxed
      and on the road yeay cant wait to be driving around in it lol, thanks
      for the sdvice anyways, Marcus

      --- In aixamandmicrocar@..., "JJ" <jayjay@...> wrote:
      > Getting the hub out of the bearing could be sticky Marcus. The disc
      > behind the hub so it needs to come out and nothing to pull against.
      Mine was
      > jammed in hard. I have a solution but you would have to adapt it to
      > your own skills, equipment and nerve. Use it at your own risk. I'll
      > some pictures as soon as I can, will be next day or two I'm afraid.
      > the hub and bearing back together I haven't tried yet.
      > I couldn't tap the hub out so removed the whole assembly to the
      shed. I did
      > hang a spring compressor on the strut to get the bottom joint out
      > Remove the caliper and its carrier plate. Remove the disc screws.
      Put some
      > 8mm x 50mm screws through the disc screw holes, 8mm washer and nut
      > the hub, the screw then goes into the disc threaded holes. Now
      using the
      > nuts, wind the hub away from the disc and it pulls the hub out of
      the inner
      > bearing. On my hub there was a snag, and the nut and washer
      wouldn't seat on
      > the hub. I "touched" the hub with an angle grinder to let the nut
      go down
      > square. It only took out a 1mm curve out of the hub. If you're not
      > don't chop your hub about! It might work with a smaller screw
      instead, or
      > stacked washers if you have room. Work the screws evenly so the
      disc is
      > pushed squarely against the alloy hub carrier. It won't go down
      square with
      > the caliper carrier still on. This technique MIGHT work with the
      > still on the car but I found the bench vice useful for turning the
      > tight hex screws. I used a 5mm hex bit in a small socket on the
      disc screws,
      > I wouldn't use anything less than a good quality hex key as they
      took a lot
      > of turning.
      > If anyone has a better technique let us know please.
      > JJ.
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      > > Has anyone replaced ther front discs yet??? is it poss at home or
      > > it need a garage?, is there any tools needed to remove the disc's
      > > have a hub puller as ive already replaced the rear brakes and hubs
      > > (thanks to JJ) i dont want to order all the parts if i have to
      send to
      > > garage at the end of the day. IM. me if im online. need some
      > > thanks marcus
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