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[USS Archer] Fw: Stardate 241008.08| Personal Log USS Archer| Jason Raygard| CMO

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  • Kyle Prince
    =/ = Quarters of CMO Jason Raygard and Sickbay =/ =   It had been a long day for Jason Raygard, sixteen hours in Sickbay dealing with a number of different
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2010

      =/\= Quarters of CMO Jason Raygard and Sickbay =/\=
      It had been a long day for Jason Raygard, sixteen hours in Sickbay dealing with a number of different ailments with the crew not to mention two minor surgeries. So when he got back to his small cabin all he wanted to do was fall into his shower stall and then crawl into bed and sleep, he even ignored his grumbling stomach that was trying to remind him that he’d not eaten in over twelve hours.

      As he pulled the zipper of his uniform down his chest and shucked it down to his hips so he could pull his undershirt off; he glanced at his computer terminal and noticed that the incoming message light was flashing. Rolling his eyes to the ceiling he groaned as he pushed off the end of his bed and crossed the small living area to his desk and sat down and tapped the terminal.

      “Computer, is there any incoming messages for Jason Raygard?”

      “Affirmative... Two messages waiting for said person. One from the Medical and Health Board of Officers on Betazed, the other is from your mother Denotra Raygard it is marked urgent.”

      Jason assumed that the one from the MHOB was from one of his friends and when he checked the message folder he was not surprised it was from Tria Yerkins one of his old classmates and a colleague he’d worked with on Betazed. Jason put that aside for the time being and then opened the message from his mother. What he found within it made all color in his face drain away and his normally bright black eyes go dark.

      The image of his mother that greeted him was one that he’d only seen on a few occasions that last time being the death of his grandmother. It was clear from her eyes that she’d been crying and upset and her voice cracked as she spoke.

      “Jason... God I hate leaving messages like this when it’s not real time... Leaving recordings... I have some news that you’re not going to like hearing... There was an accident... Your father and a few of his friends, the McNeil’s and Trevor Winters where on a rock climbing trip in the Mountains... You know how your father always loved to go climbing he was always so happy... I was always terrified that something would happen to you or him when you two would go to the Sol System when you where a child... Your father was half way up Mount Louise in Canada... The rope slipped and your father and Trevor Winters fell about 4000 feet on a nearly vertical incline. Neither one...” here Denotra’s voice broke and her tears over took her ability to control for a minute or two. However she was able to squeak out the words that Jason knew where coming and had made his stomach drop to his knees. “Gods, why... My Imazdi... Jason your father was killed on impact!” In a broken voice his mother continued. “As per his wishes your father will be buried on Betazed and does not want a memorial service. He also stated that he didn’t want you to make any special arrangements for shore leave and to come back to Betazed when you have time. Finally I love you with all my heart...” the message clicked off.

      Jason sat looking at the dark and blank screen in disbelief it was not possible. He’d just spoken to his father not more than a few days ago. He couldn’t be dead. He just couldn’t Connor Raygard was not that foolish when he was climbing he always checked and double checked his ropes.

      It was then that Jason felt his emotions starting to bubble up inside of him.  It was like he was looking down at himself while his arm lashed out and swiped at his computer terminal causing it to go flying across the room and smash against the far wall where it shattered into pieces.

      Hot tears of anger and grief followed as he threw his head back and let out a pained howl before sliding off the chair and on to the floor where he curled in to a ball on his side as the sobs tore from his chest.

      When he was able to catch his breath the young doctor crawled up on to his bed and hugged one of his pillows tightly in a broken whisper he croaked out “Father...”

      For the next few hours Jason tossed and turned in his bed trying hard to let sleep come. But every time he closed his eyes all he could see was his father falling from the mountain. Finally in desperation the young doctor got up out of bed and slipped his uniform back on with the intention of going down to Sickbay. He needed something to help him sleep if he was going to report for his duty shift tomorrow.

      Leaving his quarters he made his way to the nearest turbo-lift and then made his way to Sickbay where he crossed the main ward and then to the drug room where he pressed his thumb to the door and it opened.

      Once inside he grabbed the nearest hypo-spray and loaded it with a five cc dose of Sonambitril and then slipped it into the pocket of his overcoat and left the room with the intention of heading back to his quarters and crawling in to bed.

      Jason was just about across the main ward when one of the night nurse’s saw him and stepped up to him.

      “Doctor I saw you enter the drug room a few moments ago. Is there a problem?”

      Jason shook his head he didn’t like to lie but in this case he simply didn’t want to have to explain what was going on.

      “I can’t sleep and I got myself a sedative to help me once I am back in my quarters. I will be back in the morning for my duty shift.”

      The nurse nodded her head but she took the time to state.

      “Sir, if you’re feeling that upset or your emotional state is that bothersome I don’t have to tell you to talk with the ships counsellor. Sedatives are a temporary fix...”

      Jason put his hand up to stop the young woman.

      “Thank you Nurse Baker. That will be all.”

      Jason turned on his heel and left the nurse with her mouth agape.


      Jason Raygard


      USS Archer-D

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