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[USS Archer] SD 241101.01| Joint Duty Log| ACO, AXO, & CSec| Korath, Sahal, & Roberts: Kill Korath, Vol. 1

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  • Sara Rastellini
    =/ = Start Joint Log =/ = Marcus stood, alright then, but, let me make this clear. If your setting me up there will be no place in this universe you can
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      =/\= Start Joint Log =/\=

      Marcus stood, "alright then, but, let me make this clear. If your setting me up there will be no place in this universe you can hide, I have a very special connection to the Special Forces arm of Starfleet," he said then turned and walked out, having no doubt he wasn't being set up, but knowing he had to make it look good, "Roberts to Sahal and Korath, we need to talk," he said in a whisper after he was outside the building.

      Kestiana heard the whispered comm that held Lt Robert's voice. She tapped her combadge and said, "Korath, shall we meet in my ready room in say 5 minutes." Kestiana said moving to leave the main crowd of the hive so as to not raise too much attention.

      Korath stopped and tapped his comm badge as the communication came through. He nodded to Commander Sahal, who stood next to him. "Understood Lieutenant. We are heading back to Archer, meet us in the Ready room when you are aboard." It was clear from their own conversation with the High Arkon, that there was much to discuss.

      Marcus beamed back then made his way to the ready room, "Commander, I just put a hit out on you," he said as soon as the doors closed then set the PADD on the desk, "the aide is involved but there's more then him in on the Ambassador, so, I had him give me his hit mans name and I need to murder you."

      Korath looked to Kes then back to Marcus. "Well I am gratified that you honor me with telling me ahead of time to check my coffee from time to time Lieutenant." he said with a smirk. "I assume this will be for the benefit of flushing out any potential accomplices aboard this ship?"

      Kestiana frowned as she listened to the two men. Why would the ambassador's aid want to put a hit out on him. But then the Ambassador's the one that made the accusations against the federation for stealing dilithium whenever they had business with the ambassador. "Lieutenant, how friendly did you get with the ambassador's aid exactly?" Kestiana asked looking to her chief of security...

      "Hopefully," Roberts replied then looked to Sahal, "enough that he gave me his contact but I kept him far enough away to make him suspicious so he'd investigate incidents between Korath and myself and tell his contact I'm on the up. The best way to get away from suspicion is to make the other person think their being sneaky and find the information for themselves. With all the recorded incidents it shouldn't be hard to convince him I really want the Commander dead and this isn't a st up, that's why the hits on you, Commander, w were rather...public with the bickering."

       "Well then I should say that officially, you are acting like a spoiled brat Lieutenant." Korath said with a smirk.. and a hearty laugh. "I have no issues with the plan as such if the Captain does not." he said.

       "Well then by all means bicker more." Kestiana said affectionately to her two favorite guys. However she hoped the bickering ended whether this plan was successful or failed, because they had another problem at hand one that could be just as serious as the Ambassador's assassination attempted... OK no it wasn't but it would have to be dealt with as well...

      "There is one other thing with this plan. I would suggest that we make a report to starfleet, on an open channel stating that the ambassador has died from complications from the poison. we should also set up a false medical report to verify this. and arrange to transport the Ambassador off Archer pending being a witness to his own assassination attempt." korath replied.

      Roberts chuckled then shook his head, "I'd be very careful doing that, any assassin worth their pay will check, and you also don't want to be a Lieutenant again," he said with a grin, "I can help you get a private message to Liconie if you like, though, before you put it over open comms, my sisters part of the First MEU and, while our comms will be monitored, Captain Sahal can call, she's pretty much family so no raised eye brows. You can tell her what a pain in the ass I am or something and include an encrypted message? Just to warn our overloards?"

      "Seems we have another situation that might involve the Aid as well. We've been accused of stealing Dilitium during recent envoy's to the ambassador. the Ambassador's Aid was the one to investigate and find these small amounts of dilithum being carted away by our ships. We're waiting for permission from the Queen to do our own investigation." Kestiana informed Lieutenant Roberts. "think your plan to gain the Aid's confidence could help us solve two birds with one stone so to speak?" Kestiana asked using her father's earth term since she had never been able to find a betazoid equivalent.

      "Possibly, it'll require Korath to really die though," Marcus replied thoughtfully, "we'll need to brief the Yeoman, Doctor, Andrews and a few of my officers so we can make it look real."

      Korath nodded. "We could have the doctor simulate death. It may be better to know someone will attempt to check and catch them in the act than wait for a second attempt that we may not be able to anticipate."he paused. "The USS Tiho is in the sector, unless u have an issue with it lieutenant, we could transfer the ambassador there under the cover of crew replacements or some other thing?" Korath asked. "And if I were to guess, it may reap better results if we limit the briefing of the plan to only Andrews and a couple of your officers lieutenant. We should make it as real as possible, for that; the others MUST believe it real."

      "Aye, that'd work, though I would strongly suggest putting Cooper in the loop. She knows the Ambassador is alive and her emotional reactions put Betazoids to shame, she may not take it well if the Ambassadors suddenly dead then you follow," Marcus replied, his toe more concern for what the Ensign might go through and not condescending in any way, "at the very minimum we need to tell her the plan for the Ambassador."

      "Very well, inform her as well." he said. "I have no wish to disturb the ensign"

      "Let me tell her." Kestiana said. "She'll take it better from her Captain right now than anyone." Kestiana added.

      Roberts shrugged, "up to y'all, I just came up to tell you I'm killing the exec," he replied with a playful smirk, "we should build this up during the boot sessions though, then I'll give that guy the green light."

      "Alright I expect a grand performance from all I do not care if it lands someone in the brig if it's for the benefit of bringing the culprit to justice and finding out what the hell is going on with this accusation." Kestiana said firmly feeling for some reason as if she were back in 2404 when she'd hunted down the criminals that were involved in the trafficking ring...

      =/\= End Log =/\=

      Commander Korath
      AXO / CO

      Lt Commander Kestiana Sahal
      ACO / XO


      Lieutenant Marcus Roberts
      Chief Security
      USS Archer
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