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[USS Archer] SD241004.02 || Between Missions || Private Alice Kilian

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  • mark devlin
    mark devlin wrote to archer@ucip.org: -=- USS Archer - Deck 7 - Enlisted Marine Barracks -=- Alice slumped onto her bunk with a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2010
      mark devlin <markus_devlin@...> wrote to archer@...:

      -=- USS Archer - Deck 7 - Enlisted Marine Barracks -=-

      Alice slumped onto her bunk with a sigh. The rescue mission
      had been a partial success, of course that was just another way of saying
      partial failure. The main party of the away team had managed to locate and
      extract the XO and Alice and Commander Steel had a fine job of causing one hell of a distraction, she doubted that many of the internal systems of the pirate vessel would ever function again without major overhaul at a Starbase or dock of some kind.  Despite this Lieutenant Jin Rha-Yaleii and Captain Korath’s daughter had not been recovered.

      There was no denying the fact that if felt like a failure, as
      if the job was only half done and she could not begin the imagine how the Captain felt. She had only meet the Captain once and she had only meet a Klingon once before entering the academy due to her sheltered life on Loki-B but if their reputation was anything to go by he would be ready to wage war on the entire Orion Syndicate, no doubt the pilots of 240th Tactical Defence Wing would be right as his side if he chose too. Alice had never meet Lieutenant Rha-Yaleii but her name was spoken highly amongst the pilot aboard archer and they were all climbing the walls at having their Squadron CO Missing In Action. No that was inaccurate, she was not taking prisoner in a time of combat but, kidnapped by pirate scum and the pilots of 240th wanted blood maybe as much as Alice imagined the Captain did.

      Her mind switched from vengeful Klingons and Pilots to the memories of herself and Commander Steele wreaking havoc on the Orion ship and she was almost sick from the memory. She thought that her nervous had been tamed; the shaking had stopped before the mission. The fear of death, injury and failure seemed to subside before the mission also while her greatest fear, that of freezing up and being unable to do her duty had not been realised, infact she’d done well on her first away mission.

      But there had been some close instances where she might not
      have survived had fortune not been on her side. The instance of an Orion
      jumping out at her just as there were about to leave the vessel sprung to mind, he was armed with only a mono-molecularly blade, but at that range the fine knife was all he had needed. He lifted her clean off the ground and slammed her into a bulkhead like she was a rag doll. He was about to slice her open from groin to chin when Commander Steele and struck like a cobra with a blade of his own implanted into the Orions liver. It was an action that had saved her life. The Orion slumped loosening his grip on Alice allowing her to draw her own knife and bring it across his throat, she’d had seen the light go out in his eyes and she could not believe what she had done.

      Throughout the mission, Alice had been firing on heavy stun, even when the pirates got their act together and were wearing body armour she still resisted setting her weapon to kill instead aiming for shots that could penetrate the weak points in the armour or the head or neck that was uncovered. Nine months of marine training to kill in order to protect the federation had not overturned twenty plus years of being told that only bad and uncivilised people killed, the federation was the place of peace not murderers and yet she had acted quickly and violently ending the Orion when threatened.

      She closed her eyes to sleep but could only she the image of
      his face as the light left his eyes, perhaps sleeping was not the best thing right now she considered opening her eyes again. She decided that reading some old mail would cheer her up, with no boyfriend to speak of and the cold shoulder from her parents it was her uncle Michael that wrote to her, sent of holo-recordings of soccer matches from the Loki Prime League and kept her up-to-date on planet news and his humour always cheered her up. She would read some letters, watch some recordings and then after some sleep bug Sergeant MicGuiney or maybe even Sergeant Major Sloan if she was feeling exceptional brave... she really wanted to be on the next mission despite what bad dreams might ensue.


      Private Alice Kilian
      1st Platoon, 2nd Force Recon Company
      USS Archer

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