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[USS Archer] Double Jeopardy - SD 241008.02 SD:241108.02 ||Duty Log || AEO , Various NPC's - Ensign Stanely, Lt. Sol (NPC), Hespeth (NPC) "Farewell Fair winds"

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  • CAPT Korath
    A Mission Post by Captain Korath & Commander Kestiana Sahal & Ensign Julian Stanley Mission: Double Jeopardy Location: Engineering NSC Fair Winds
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2011

      A Mission Post by Captain Korath & Commander Kestiana Sahal & Ensign Julian Stanley
      Mission: Double Jeopardy
      Location: Engineering NSC Fair Winds
      Timeline: Current

      Haspeth was waist deep in injector port cowlings, as she tried to siphon power from the impulse reactors to augment the damaged warp core to shore up the structural integrity field so that the Starfleet ship could tractor the damaged freighter to a starbase for repairs. She looked to Alyssa and Stanley. "I have some power siphoning off, what are the levels your showing on your board?" she asked.

      "Structural integrity is increasing by 5% per hour at the current rate of transfer. Power levels at 65%," Julian replied.

      "That's good. I don't want to tax the systems too much, this old bucket has seen better days if you know what I mean. That and your Starfleet tech doesn't really understand this girl's language." Haspeth nodded.

      Alyssa could understand the ship fairly hummed with what little was known of it. Alyssa chose engineering because she wasn't just good at it. She felt she communicated with the ship it self, this old bucket was telling her exactly what was wrong with her. She moved one component and switched two different wires giving it a good thump and the life support gauge went from red and rose towards the green slowly. "I've got life support coming back on to full kilt," Alyssa said with a soft smile.

      No sooner did she say that, that one of the monitoring stations erupted in a rather impressive display of sparks. Haspeth jumped away, barely escaping being burned. "What the hell is wrong now?" she asked.

      "Check the rate of increase in the power flow." Alyssa suggested backing away from it slightly. "Come on baby work for momma." She said under her breath before reaching for the coolant container under the core and put out the sparks so she could get close enough to see what happened. "There's a leak in the in eps conduit junction alpha 13 deck 5. I'm trying to by pass it so it can be isolated for working on." Alyssa said her fingers moving confidently over the barely functioning console.

      "Mister Stanley, what happened over there?" Korath asked. over the comm.

      "Sir, it seems like we had a feedback in the structural integrity generators. Not sure what caused the feedback, but from my initial scans, the ship is severely damaged, and may break apart if we try to move it."

      "I'm going to try a trick I know to boost the structural integrity by passing the generators so there's no more stress on them." Alyssa said her fingers already moving. "Come on baby talk to me." She said under her breath talking to the freighter...

      "Structural integrity is increasing, slowly."

      "We may still have some mining explosives in one of the holds. It may be tricky, but we could set up a delayed timer to each and have the ship implode in on itself" Hespeth suggested.

      Hearing that they were actually hoping for the ship to implode Alyssa looked a little puzzled. Wait so you want the ship to implode?" She asked confused.

      "It would allow the ship to be destroyed and the debris to safely implode into a single mass that can be collected by your ship and removed from the space lanes safely." Hespeth said.

      "So you don't expect this ship can be repaired?" Alyssa asked, that would explain why she wasn't getting much from the ship system..

      "This ship was barely holding together as it was, we had been pushing back upgrades."

      "Then we better start beaming people over to the Archer, if you don't think there's any hope of salvaging the ship and the vitals are getting weaker, I can barely feel her now." Alyssa said starting to worry.

      "I estimate that if we just leave the ship in it's current state, that she'll have broken apart and started to fall towards the nearby planetary body," Julian said.

      "That would be pretty, i can see someone now, 'Oh look mama, it's raining starship!" Hespeth replied.

      =/= End Log =/=

      Ensign Julian Stanely
      Asst Engineering Officer

      Lieutenant. Alyssa Sol
      Engineering Officer
      (APB Kai)

      CEO, Fair Winds
      (APB Dark)

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