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[USS Archer] Prime Directive - SD 241205.19 "Growing pains"

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  • CAPT Korath
    A Mission Post by Captain Korath & Commander Kestiana Sahal Mission: Prime Directive Location: Timeline: Captain Korath stood in his quarters, specifically
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2012

      A Mission Post by Captain Korath & Commander Kestiana Sahal
      Mission: Prime Directive

      Captain Korath stood in his quarters, specifically the door leading to Ba'el's room. The room was bare save for a few duffle bags left in a heap in the middle of the floor. The room somehow seemed like looking onto the deck of what ancient sea fairing people used to call a ghost ship. He had not yet come to terms with the thought of his daughter leaving the ship. perhaps the reason he was having difficulty with this was due to the fact that the news of Ba'el wanting to leave to find her own path came as a bomb shell a few weeks ago. He had thought, like so many other plans she had, that she would forget about this in a week or two. That was however not the case when he came home to a wall of suit cases being packed.

      "Dad you didn't think I'd stay home forever? I'm just a communications link away." She said softly knowing he had hoped that she'd have given up on finding her own path after having talked to him about it. "Besides all the arrangements have been made. you don't have to worry about anything."

      Korath turned at the sound of his daughter's voice. "I have no trouble with you finding your way. I have a problem of you being a quadrant away. I find it difficult to forget what had happened the last time I was not there and Duirll had held you captive." He said stopping himself again. Durill was gone and she would be at starfleet command. That did however bring up another issue he had, her lack of commitment to join the academy and choosing to enlist as an NCO.

      She knew how much her father worried and moved to hug him. "I'm going to be at Starfleet command, if you want I'll make regular communication's to check in with you." She said as she hugged him. She always felt safe in his arms and was going to miss him just as much as he worried about her. but as much as she felt safe she couldn't be afraid all her life and if she stayed here with him she wouldn't think very highly of herself...

      Karina was coming off her shift when she entered the quarters she shared with Korath and his daughter taking off her uniform jacket she started towards the bedroom when she saw the two of them in the hall outside Ba'el's Door. She smiled at them. "is it that time already?" She asked hating to see Ba'el go as much as her father did hell at the rate they were going Ba'el was going to be the only daughter she knew... and the brat wasn't hers by blood just because she loved her as much as Korath did.

      "It would seem so. " Korath said. "The Medussa is standing by for one last trip before she meets back up with the Enterprise task group." he paced around the room. "While I am pleased you are coming into your own, I am unsure where this wish to join starfleet came from so quickly."

      "From you. I see what you do here, you make a difference your strong and brave, and I want to be like you even if I disliked all of this about you when I first joined you on this ship after mom's death I also saw how it affected you I want to make you proud dad."

      Korath returned the Hug. It was one of the few times he showed any sort of affection to anyone outside his quarters. "I have always been proud of you Child." He said. "If this is what you really want, then you have my support."

      "Thanks dad." Ba'el said grateful for his support.

      Karina smiled at them glad that Korath was giving Ba'el support.

      Korath broke the hug and looked at Ba'el. "Have you thought about which department you wanted to serve in?" asked.

      "I don't know, I was thinking tactical, maybe operations?" She said looking up at him.

      Korath would always have a soft spot for the Gold uniform, Having technically started in Tactical himself all those years ago. "The targ does not stray far from the nest i see." He grinned a little. "The training will be hard many do not make it." he said as a sort of klingon encouragement.

      "I am Klingon, the daughter of Korath, I would not dishonor you by tucking tail and running away." She smiled up at him.

      Korath laughed loud. Those words somehow sounded odd coming from her. She was his daughter, and as such had her own stubborn streak, but she had always taken after her mother, she was much more human than Klingon. "I have no doubt that you will make me proud." He said. He cared little what other klingons would think. He cared about what made her happy and that she tried her best.

      "Then I have done my duty." She grinned teasingly.

      "Duty has many meanings in the Federation." Korath said calmly. "You do me honor by taking my wishes into account." finished.

      She smiled up at him, "Then I am happy and I should probably get back to packing." She frowned not really wanting to leave this tender family moment they weren't exactly rare just that he worked a lot.

      "Let me help. The Medussa captain will want to get under way as soon as possible. And I would speak to you before you leave." he said.

      "Alright dad." She smiled thankful for the help. "Looks like you'll be stuck with Just Nikki for a while." She grinned the girl was after all just like having a sister.

      "Yes she takes after you for your pention for causing trouble." he let a toothy grin curl his lip.

      "Well you've got to admit we made a good team, we've caused most of it by scheming together." She grinned knowing that her father was going to miss her...

      "Come, lets not have you miss the Medussa." Korath said ignoring the admission.

      "Wait your not going anywhere Until I can get a hug from my favorite step daughter!" Karina said finally letting them know she was there and walked over too the half Klingon/Human much like her own blood line and gave Ba'el a strong hug.

      Captain Korath
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      Lt Karina
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