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  • Although we, Audrey Hepburn fans, have gone our separate paths, we manage from time to time to get together to remember Ms. Hepburn for she lives in our consciousness growing up... Fans from late 1990's. To fellow fans out there who might be interested, Ms.Hepburn appears in the 21st January 2013 issue of People Magazine. Hello to Dana, ChipmunkAlvyne, Fyodorosky, Jason, Quissuer...
    audreyhepburncircle-owner@yahoogroups.co. Jan 14, 2013
  • Happy birthday, Ms. Hepburn!!! We remember and celebrate you today.
    audreyhepburncircle-owner@yahoogroups.co. May 4, 2012
  • Hi pandahkasumi! I wonder??? Is anybody uh, here? ;-D How are you Dana, Chipmunk, Fyodor, Jason2t2, FabAudrey, Nea, Lotta... Oh, Holly Golightly! Hello all... esoecially, to you whose names just temporarily escaped me, who used to drop by in here, :-) and of course, to you who might happen by. We here were a jolly bunch once upon a time. We splintered out every which way, but...
    audreyhepburncircle-owner@yahoogroups.co. Jan 12, 2012