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FW: Website pages uploaded today 1/4/2007 - or online updates since last advice

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  • Lourie Smit
    Back from holidays with a lot of work to be done and at this stage I can not see myself catching up. I am currently not able for some unknown reason to upload
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2007

      Back from holidays with a lot of work to be done and at this stage I can not see myself catching up.


      I am currently not able for some unknown reason to upload any changes to the fleet lists so I have concentrated on changes which can be done online and those from the discussion board which are harder to keep track of. Those not updated online will have to be uploaded when things are fixed. And just as I was about to send this message, the problem was resolved so the fleet list changes have been uploaded.


      But I still have 26 emails to work through.


      AATTC Website www.aattc.org. au


      Sydney Buses, Ferries and Trains.

      A new T80 timetable was introduced on 25 March 2007 - main changes include an all-day 15-min frequency on weekdays (previously 20 min), and some minor changes to peak hour frequencies (up to every 5 mins TO Parramatta in the AM peak) and some additional trips from Parramatta to Bonnyrigg in the shoulder PM peak and evening until 9pm.


      PDF timetable available from the following link - http://www.sta.nsw.gov.au/commonpdfs/sta/WSB/T80tt.pdf


      Fleetlists: www.busaustralia. com/fleetlists


      STA Fleet List from Phil at Randwick .

      The fleet list shows 2903 at Burwood. I am sure it was still at Randwick today. I will check tomorrow and PM you. He has since confirmed it is still at Randwick

      4843 delivered 27/3/07

      2908 transferred to Port Botany

      2901 may have been transferred to Port Botany and not Burwood.

      4842 delivered 29/3/07

      2952 transferred to Burwood.

      2975 transferred to Port Botany


      From Norbert and Toxana.

      Randwick Scania low floor 3712 is now in AOA for Ocean Spray drinks.


      Veolia Transport from various sources

      (306) T m/o 9484, Mercedes-Benz O500LE WEB63422021000432, Bustech 'VST' 06/097 - B55FW

      (214) moved from Taren Point to Bankstown

      (217) moved from Menai to Bankstown

      (113) moved from Taren Point to Menai to cover (217) shifts

      (66) moved from Taren Point to Menai, to be scrapped, with engine going in (181)

      Gen for Veolia Merc O500LE/Bustech's:

      (303) 9152 WEB63422021000434 06/078 01/07

      (305) 8235 WEB63422021000447 06/087 02/07

      (306) 9484 WEB63422021000432 06/097 02/07

      (307) 9483 WEB63422021000444 06/091 02/07

      Transferred from Bankstown to Taren Pt is (157) m/o 8333

      Veolia 81 is now MO 7738 instead of m/o.


      Also, missing from the Coastal Liner online list is TV 1014 MAN/CD - pic at

      http://www.busaustralia.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=285  (LS But pic shows TV 4014 – just as well I had a look at it)


      From Jason Blackman – Melbourne Bus Link..

      001 is at footscray.bus

      352 in all over advertising liver for Ocean Spray.

      332 is no longer in happey feet all over adverdsing livery.and is now whating a repaint into melbourne bus link livery.or a other all over adverdsing livery.

      316 is back at footsray.


      794 Cranbourne - Pearcedale.take this off cranboure transit list.the routes does no longer operated.



      1305, 1306, 1307 and 1309 reported to be in service.

      548 now advertising Emirates Airline

      676 reregd 676 KBM.


      BCC/BT M.A.N SL200 ex 906 and ex 913 have been acquired by Sisil's Bus Lines. Purchased from a company called Peter Champion Mining near Mackay. Currently unregd and no fleet numbers assigned to them yet...


      Adelaide – 883 is at Mile End.

      1233 gen YS2L4X20001855624 7063A 3/07


      Greyhound from Tourmaster.

      339 was sold a fair while ago to a motorhome buyer (over 12 months)

      129 and 108 are Suncoast Pacific Mitsubishi Rosa's

      129 has just sold



      V187 m/o 4214
      Leyland Leopard PSU3C/2R 7601995 PMC 1012 7.78 RB53F
      ex (87), ex Hawkesbury Valley , ex Clarksons Bus Service

      The above bus has been purchased by Riad Chahal for the purpose of removing engine to get some sort of life to the ex Fearnes MO0305 Mk5 Leopard

      Mechanicals will be retained as for the seats, where the body will be sent for scrap metal!

      The VIN/Chasis Number for the bus is 78 1012 from the Roadworthy Pink Slip for the vehicle.


      m/o 8258 has returned to Girraween.

      Nippers 8871 and 8883 have been transferred to Penrith (where it all started)

      7027 is now in new livery.

      m/o 7284 has not been transferred from Windsor and it is thought the same applies to m/o 7282.


      New m/o 9351 has now also been sighted.


      And from Jason Taylor.

      New are the following Scania K94UB/ Volgren “CR228L,” though not sure whether they’ll end up at Hillsbus or Westbus, and and what specific depot:






      Lourie Smit.




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