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FW: Website pages uploaded today 1/8/2007 - or online updates since last advice

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  • Lourie Smit
    Other items received today held over until tomorrow. AATTC Website www.aattc.org.au The upload problem was resolved shortly after
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2007

      Other items received today held over until tomorrow.


      AATTC Website www.aattc.org. au


      The upload problem was resolved shortly after my advice was issued yesterday and the pages concerned were then uploaded.


      Melbourne from Michael Marshall.

      Another new Grenda timetable to report is for Routes 830/831 (Dandenong-Frankston) dated 16 July 2007.


      Fleetlists: www.busaustralia.com/fleetlists


      From Crazy Dan

      Veolia NSW
      (122) m/o 7239 Merc O405NH/Volgren, now repainted into white. (The 100th bus in all white)


      Further on the new Shorelink buses reported yesterday.

      They are Scania K94UB and 107 is regd m/o 1955.


      Further to yesterday’s Heards at Horsham Geoff Foster advises thet original 4672 for the following was correct so that has been changed back.

      0940 SO is MB OH1316/PMCSA 4762 (I had this as 4672) 6/88 B37D ex 0147 AO.

      Also that Shauna Heard(S002227) operates 0105 SO MB OH1316/PMCSA 4763 4/89 B49F my assumption of rego was correct but it is a 1418 and not a 1316.


      Adelaide.1250 was delivered new to Port Depot Monday
      Rego no.XOF 476
      TSA no. 938.079
      Body no. and date 7080 7/07
      Chassis No. YS2L4X20001856972

      And a couple of TA numbers from Garth Evans .

      1244 938.073 and 1246 938.075


      From Jason Blackman.

      Melbourne bus link 400 to 405 are now B41DW.
      note.003 was the last melbourne bus link bus in metbus livery.

      for the Cardina fleet list.add 836 Bridgewater to Casey Hospital via Beaconsfield & Berwick to the lists of routes

      for the Kastoria fleet lists.when i was at the depot i saw a Mercedes Benz OH1316/Ansair that had no rego.and was being used for parts. (But which one???)

      for the East-west list.add 349 6056AO Scania L94UB 1852503 Volgren 'CR227L" VG2145 4.2006 B45DW and have in the note that its part of the Dysons fleet. (already shows in Dysons list as being in East West livery)


      Hopefully the last from the Hayden emails (Together with Geoff Foster comments) except for any further comments I may receive.

      Swan Hill BL:-new at Kingston’s, Stawell is 5353 AO ECR570S/Austral 1415 1988 B49F ex Barbary’s Woomelang BS 1080 AC, indicating Pickerings may have taken over Barbary’s at Woomelang.   (The Barbary buses included in the Kingston listing)

      Acquired approx 1/7/2007 was the buses and runs of Wood, Donald – I’ve got the fleet as:-

      0190AO Hino BC144K  10147/PMCA  4013  06/90 B37F                
      0191AO MB OH1316 345-202-61-794434/PMCSA 4652 05/88 C49F ex DIT861   
      0192AO MB OH1316 345-202-61-684229/PMCSA  4532 06/86 B49F ex EXG 359 (Hayden showed EXE 359)

      0193AO MB OH1418 382-004-61-938149/AustDg S000050 11/92 DP49F  ex FJX505

      0194AO Domino DC122 B157/Domino B157 09/80 C46FT  (I assume this is the Tourmaster referred to)

      0195AO Hino AC140/Hino B28F   
      0196AO MB 0303-3 300-315-61-049515/Austral 1365 09/87 C46FT    - note this coach had been signwritten as Wood’s Echuca so may not be included.  
      0197AO Toyota Coaster HZB50R 1996  B21C    
      A Hino/ CC reported as delivered in 2006 has presumably replaced one of the 1316s.


      The Barbary ’s fleet as:- 

      1080AC  Isuzu ECR570S  2522268/Austral 1415  88  C49F ex DIT854                                                                 
      1081AC  Hino AC140/Hino B28F  ex EGA158
      1082AC  Nissan Civilian/Nissan  88  B21C DHX957

      1083 AC Nissan Civilian of 1985 B21C ex CKM 760



      MAN NG313 Fleet Number 1604 actually entered service last Friday morning, the 27th.

      Volvo B10L 562 is in AOA for Wrangler Jeans

      557, 593 and 594 have all had there bike racks removed

      858, 860, 861, 862 are now designated training buses,


      Busways from Lester Pasley. Most of these have been listed before.

      As a resident of Mt Druitt, I have noted the following members of the Busways Group at both the Mt Druitt and Blacktown bus interchanges.

      Fleet 787 - m/o 1937  Scania K230UB

      Fleet 789 (2nd) - m/o 9232  Scania K230UB

      Fleet 790 (3rd) - m/o 9233  Scania K230UB

      Fleet 791 - m/o 9212  Scania K230UB

      Fleet 792 - m/o 9231  Scania K230UB

      Fleet 793 - m/o 9214  Scania K230UB

      Fleet 794 - m/o 1953  Scania K230UB


      Lourie Smit.


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