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Website updated pages 9/5/2010.

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  • Lourie Smit
    AATTC Website www.aattc.org.au After a week s holiday in Northern Victoria. Sydney Buses Ferries and Trains. Sydney Ferries - An
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2010

      AATTC Website www.aattc.org. au


      After a week’s holiday in Northern Victoria .


      Sydney Buses Ferries and Trains.

      Sydney Ferries – An April 2010 reprint of the Neutral Bay ferry timetable has been reported.

      Cityrail. The eastern Suburbs/Illawarra timetable 18/10/2009 Updated April 2010 is now available in paper form although not at all stations.


      Melbourne from Michael Marshall.

      As reported on the discussion board Portsea Passenger Service have issued a combined timetable booklet for Routes 786/787/886 dated 29 March 2010 v1 (Apr 10).


      A new Metlink local guide has been printed for the City of Frankston dated March 2010.


      So it has been a very quiet week.


      Lourie Smit.



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