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Changes to website pages today - 2/8/2004

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  • Lourie Smit
    AATTC Website - www.aattc.org.au Sydney Buses, Ferries and Trains from Adrian Dessanti. There is an updated website PDF timetable for route 348 (BJI -
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2004
      AATTC Website - www.aattc.org.au
      Sydney Buses, Ferries and Trains from Adrian Dessanti.
      There is an updated website PDF timetable for route 348 (BJI - Alexandria) - effective August 2004.
      Brisbane timetables. Continuing on from last w eek.
      150/151/152/156 Effective 26 July 2004
      161 Effective 26 July 2004
      And from Steven Haby..
      Brisbane list
      Coachtrans. Brisbane - Gold Coast - Tweed Heads. Dated 1 June 2004.
      No change to services except that most trips after Surfers Paradise show "R" which means "on request" only. The assumption is that if there are no passengers offering beyond Surfers the service terminates there.
      From Craig Halsall.
      Picked up at Parliament today was a small pocket timetable for Speedlink (Adelaide-Albury-Sydney). Also, Lourie the pocket timetable table on the Victorian list needs some minor formatting changes to list each timetable on a new line, and so there isn't a line between some of them, and not others. And the Sth East & Sth west regions somehow became combined - please separate (Lenogatha & Cowes are Sth East, others are South West) (LS This has been corrected.)
      Melbourne timetables from Craig.
      Moorabbin Transit - Updated 708 (Carrum - Hampton) TT effective July 12th 2004, with new table format used.
      There is now a 2 part route map, with Map A showing north of Parkdale, and Map B south of Parkdale. Detail shown on route map is clearer, and the is finally updated to reflect route changes in Chelsea Heights that have been in place since Mid 2001, with the bus now running via 3rd Av & 7th Av (however 3rd Av is shown as Thend Ave) The map also has the www.metlinkmelbourne.com.au address
      There have been no timetable changes, and the two School Day back-up services: 07:33 Chelsea Heights - Southland & 15:30 Mentone - Chelsea Heights introduced on 1/9/03 aren't shown, and Moorabbin Transit's joint operation with Peninsula Bus Lines is still not indicated. (PBL run the 06:30 ex Carrum & 08:00 ex Hampton weekdays)
      Reprinted Mt Dandy Timetables via Australian Transport Discussion Board (April 29th 2004):
      New timetables have been printed on the 688, 689 and 690 timetables. They are now available from the Croydon depot. They no longer point to the Mountdandy bus web page or VicTrip. They do have www.venturabus.com.au & www.metlinkmelbourne.com.au 
      CH: The 688 Timetable remains dated 25/8/03, the 689 & 690 are dated 18/8/03. All services on 689 & 690 are now advised as run by low floor buses with ramps. 
      LS Note - 688 timetable has since been superseeded by one dated 3 May 2004.
      New Kastoria 475 TT
      A new 475 TT dated 2.8.2004 has been released. Only change a glance is the 8.30am departure from East Keilor running 5 mins later from the next time point after running via Niddrie Secondary College. Same format as previous issue.

      Fleetlists http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~kc3302
      Correcting yesterday the Bustrans disposals came from Geoff Newham and related to ex Bustrans m/o 513.
      From Stephen Cho. Nationals - The National 2 rego in Singapore was SBS 6820L
      From John Burne and Geoff Hall. 7286 transferred Blue Ribbon back to Bonnyrigg, replaced by 8416. The other change is Leopard 4796 scrapped.
      New Ulladulla list added yesterday. Some formatting errors corrected. Also 

      MO 4200 MAN 16.240/CC has been reported as deregd and sold – list noted to this effect. Also MO 4200 MAN 16.240/CC ex Westbus has been reported as deregd and sold – list noted to this effect.

      From Ben Ogle. Connex disposals. At our beloved North Sydney Charter operator - Registered on Friday was m/o 8287 Leyland Leopard / PMC ex Connex (80) m/o 7468.

      From Dean Jones. Nowra Coaches. New is TV 951. Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G7D83A005718 Bustech 04/01 12/03 B49FW From Coffs bus Show.

      McCafferty rego changes from Adam.
      Rego changes noted in Darwin
      314 - nt mo2497
      320 - nt mo2496
      339 - wa tc4424 coach is nicknamed 'Kojak' (This had been reported as TC 4881)
      Brisbane. Scania 787 now in service assumed to be 787 HUM

      Lourie Smit

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