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Changes to website pages today - 2/1/2005

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  • Lourie Smit
    Unfortunately I lost my update advice when I made my changes earlier today. I hope I have covered everything in this reconstruction. AATTC Website
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2005

      Unfortunately I lost my update advice when I made my changes earlier today. I hope I have covered everything in this reconstruction.


      AATTC Website www.aattc.org.au


      No changes made today


      Fleetlists: www.busaustralia.com/fleetlists


      STA Fleet List from a new contact J. Dunn who works at Waverley .

      Also withdrawn is Mercedes Mark II 2323.

      Waverley received on 29/12/2004 2586 (MK III), 2626 (MK III), 2644 (MK III) and 2865 (MK IV) from Mona Vale. :LS - Hence no Mark III’s left at Mona Vale.


      And New years Volvo B12BLE gen from Allambie.

      1502 YV3R8F8193A012843, 333 2-04

      1503       "     8103A012911, 334 2-04

      1504       "     8193A012910, 335 2-04

      1505       "     8123A012912,  336 2-04

      1506       "     8184A012479, 337 2-04

      1507       "    8104A013445,  338 3-04

      1510       "    8164A013613   341 4-04

      1511      "     8184A013614, 342  4-04.


      More on Baxters Buses going to transit First.

      Already there is Leyland Tiger m/o 5877 and there are three more to come. (Obviously my original advice was not totally correct)

      Also there are MAN’s m/o 8850, m/o 1089 and m/o 8836 and Renaults m/o 4466, 8674 and 8675.

      Others will come later in January when required for school services.

      Ex STA Mercedes m/o 8746 has been repainted from STA colours – it was intended to be white with name sign similar to other ex STAercedes but came back with nore transit First blue and green similar to the ex Jones STA Mercedes.

      m/o 7228 ex STA Mercedes ex West Bankstown is currently being repainted (LS – I have treated as having been repainted).


      The other three Tigers to go to Transit First are probably m/o 7647, m/o  8813 and m/o 8425.

      Because of the more complex description of the Leyland Tiger situation I have removed the information from individual buse (except m/o 5877) and have added a paragraph at the beginning of the table describing the known situation.


      The only bus confirmed at Connex yesterday was m/o 8960 ex STA Mercedes – but did not yet carry fleet number.

      An astersik behind the new operator name indicates bus has been sighted/confirmed at that operator.


      And more changes from Vic Hayes.

      Corby, Oberon. MO.1410 Mercedes/Austral sold to Bonfield Coachlines, Bathurst .

      Eggins, Taree. MO.1822 Leyland Tiger/CC sold to Hughes, Mullumbimby.

      Fraser, Dubbo, MO.5792 is an MCA/MCA Motorcoach 57 seat in school bus livery.

      Hawkins Gunnedah. Correcting previous information TV.2476 is still the MCA Classic ex Bathurst Coaches. (Ben Ogle has also pointed out it is ex Bathurst Coaches (45); ex 3F, Gulgong; ex Surf City Coaches, Southport SCC 23)

      Hughes, Mullumbimby. (Lismore list) Acquired MO.1822 Leyland Tiger/CC (90/114 27/11/90) B61F ex Eggins Taree (to be reregd).

      Jones Bros, Lithgow and Bathurst . m/o.6423 Isuzu/CC transferred to Bathurst and MO.7080 Volvo/CC is back at Lithgow.

      Langley, Dubbo. Acquired TV.3348 Mercedes O303/3/Austral (0778 8/85) C48FT ex Bonfield Coachlines, Bathurst , ex Corby – see above. MO.0667 Toyota Coaster /Arakawa B21C was acquired with a school run ex Hilton Dubbo.

      Symons, Bermagui. Uses MO.6162 Toyota Coaster on a Wolumla local school run acquired from Lehmann without a bus. The ex Connex Mercedes/CC is regd MO.6047 and not 6074 or 6064 as previously reported.

      Western Road Liners, Parkes. MO.4418 Hino/PMCA reregd back to MO.5054.

      Ogdens, Wellington. At Wellington is MO.5985 Mercedes O405NH/ABM.


      Lourie Smit

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