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FW: Website pages uploaded today 2/7/2006 - or online updates since last advice

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  • Lourie Smit
    AATTC Website www.aattc.org.au Sydney Buses, Ferries and Trains from Adrian Dessanti. One further updated web PDF timetable from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2006

      AATTC Website www.aattc.org.au


      Sydney Buses, Ferries and Trains from Adrian Dessanti.

      One further updated web PDF timetable from STA:

      ·         411, v 9, effective June 2006


      Melbourne Timetables from Bradley Matthews.

      Sita Bus.


      Picked up from onboard Sita bus at Sunshine Station today (1st July).

      New bus timetables for routes 456, 457, 457 & 459 (Melton Area) commencing from Monday 3rd July, 2006.

      Route no.

      456 Sunshine - Melton (Woodgrove S/C) via Caroline Springs (Route 456 no longer goes to Melton Station via Melton South and replace by route 458).

      457 West Melton - Melton Station via Woodgrove S/C (No route changes. Times changes and last bus now departs Melton Station to West Melton is 8.05pm).

      458 East Melton - Melton Station via Melton South (Route 458 no longer runs via Woodgrove S/C [replace by route 456] instead replace old route 456 via Melton South then to and from Melton Station. Extension From Melton Station to Melton East to Gisbourne-Melton Road via Dalray Cr, Sirius Way, Rubiton St, Archer Dr then Gisbourne-Melton Rd back to East Meton to Melton Station. Last bus from Melton Station to Melton East is 8.05pm).

      459 Westlake/Brookefield - Melton Station via Woodgrove S/C (Every 40 minutes Monday to Friday. Last Bus now leaves Melton Station to Brookfield/Westlake is 7.15pm (Monday to Friday) & Major route changes in Westlake & Brookfield areas).

      Routes 457, 458 & 459 still runs Saturday & Public Holidays & Sunday timetables.

      Still no Sunday Timetable for Route 456.

      New Timetable dated 3rd July, 2006.

      All Orange Metlink DL Format.


      Fleetlists: www.busaustralia.com/fleetlists


      STA Fleet List – STA Willoughby's m/o3176 has lost its Olympic plates. It is temporarily registered as m/o1492.



      TV 331

      Scania K113







      Ex WXX 118, ex Challenge Travel, ex TV 2313, ex Sid Fogg's Coachlines

      I spent the day of Friday on this coach exploring St Albans and The Forgotten Valley – it is Austral Pacific “Majestic” and is 61 seat.


      Transit First.  New are


      m/o 9167

      Volvo B12BLE


      Volgren "CR228"





      m/o 9166

      Volvo B12BLE


      Volgren "CR228"






      They have body numbers VG2165 and VG2166 (order not known) with VG2166 having chassis number YV3R8F8286A112656

      Corrections from Jason Taylor.

      VG2165 has ch. no. YV3R8F8246A112524.

      VG2166 has ch. no. YV3R8F8286A112526. (Corrects).

      Both have Volgren “CR228L” bodies.


      From Matthew Jennings.

      Please update as follows......



      Add fleet and rego to the ex demo Volvo (28) 3140AO



      the new Scania (# 40) is called "Firefly's Flame"



      -----Original Message-----

      From: Jason Taylor

      Body updates

      (18) Volgren “C222TX”

      (20) to (23) & (35) Volgren “CR221”

      (30), (31), (34), (36), (37), (39) & (40) Volgren “SC221”

      (24) PMCSA

      (11) Toyota

      Old (17) & (18) had PMCSA “Executive”


      Nuline (originally from Hayden).

      Chassis number for (40) is YV3R2A3142A010556.


      (52) has body 321-418 of 6.1988  (Also update the Westrans list) 


      Also update Nuline Charter livery as  

      N = Nuline Charter livery (White with Brown signage)


      Add livery

      AK = AAT Kings “Bellarinji” livery (White with multi coloured rear)


      Change code on 38 to 38 AK


      The last piece of the introduction should read  


      "The only vehicle with Bayside legals is (55). Ex (23) & ex (54) had Bayside legals. All other Bayside signed units have legals for and are owned by Nuline Charter. (103) was sign written Nuline Charter on the side with Nuline B.S. legals at the time of sale to the owners of Bayside Coaches." 



      (24) has “Snowball Express” signage for Trekset snow season service to Mt.Hotham.

      (28) has Trekset sign writing.

      (remove note regarding 24 (LS 28??) from the ex info line under buses gen.)


      Lourie Smit.


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