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Tornado Affected Neighbourhoods Group News

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  • Barnard Hobbit Wizard of Lower Moseley
    T*ornado *A*ffected *N*eighbourhoods *G*roup News* 17Feb06 I hope to see you all at the Community Supper on Monday at 7 pm at St Paul s in Hertford Street –
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2006

      Tornado Affected Neighbourhoods Group News



      I hope to see you all at the Community Supper on Monday at 7 pm at
      St Paul's in Hertford Street – I apologise for the short notice. 


      We will hear from the Friends of Balsall Heath Park about positive progress with the City Council for
      future developments and John Newson will give an update on the Tornado Hardship Appeal. 


      We hope to hear from you about what problems caused by the tornado are still unresolved,
      and if you have any good news – if there were some "silver linings" that have occurred since July 28th.  


      Have you got ongoing problems with your repairs, or with your insurers? 
      Please let us know if you need some help.


      After supper we will end with a short film show of the official consultations last year -
      if you were there, you may be on screen.

      You will be able to sign up as a founder member of TANG, giving us the required status
      as a body to be included in official consultations with Wards, Districts and Constituencies. 

      We welcomed new people to the TANG Action Committee last week, representing local
      residents groups and Friends of Balsall Heath Park. 
      The minutes will be available at the meeting on Monday.


      Lastly, news of a programme on BBC1 next week:


      Disaster Masters
      Wed 22 Feb, 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm
      "Following the work of the people who come to our rescue when disaster strikes, the cameras are in Birmingham in the aftermath of last year's freak tornado. Will the shopkeeper's roof be replaced before he loses all his stock? Will the owner of a large detached house discover he is uninsured and have to pay his huge repair bill? And will the young music teacher's windows ever get replaced?"


      Best wishes from

      Acting Chair of the TANG Action Committee

      449 6675

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