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Woodland invades Southwark this weekend Info below. Barry 07905 889 005 ... Subject: South Weekend: Bankside Urban Forest Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 23:33:26 +0100 From: LFA2010 To:
Barry Mason
Jul 1, 2010
Burgess Park Nadia Southwark Cyclists aren't happy about the secretive way Burgess Park is being put through the blender and into the blandness. Loads of recent public
Barry Mason
May 26, 2010
Summer visitors Around 1pm yesterday I saw one then ten house martins zooming around over Canada Water. Swifts and swallows soon then. Barry 07905 889 005
Barry Mason
Apr 8, 2010
Re: Green spaces tonight Barry - hey, I didn't know that! Great news and every good wish with the job! Katie Marian - there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every yahoo group
Katie Nicholls
Apr 7, 2010
Re: Green spaces tonight HI Barry first of all goodluck with the lovely job, secondly whilst it is nice to hear from my old pals but its probably better to remove me from this list now
Farrugia, Marian
Apr 7, 2010
Green spaces tonight I've been much to quiet lately....new job as Manager of Surrey Docks Farm is wonderful. Drop by. Putting a value on the trees etc at Site A may well have saved
Barry Mason
Apr 7, 2010
BARGEs clean air - Dockland News See page 7 of the magazine....it looks like we didn't get Cleaner Greener Safer money for this.....but there's other funding around. Best wishes. Barry 07905
Barry Mason
Mar 3, 2010
Tonight's BARGEs meeting/CWAAP latest Great meeting tonight. I'm recharged and will work on the website tomorrow. Great to have helpful new faces too. Thank you all. Just to clarify in the tsunami
Barry Mason
Feb 9, 2010
Southwark in bottom quarter of London air quality monitoring Paul.... My email of 17 November refers. I've had nothing back from you or anyone else at the Council on this. It would be good to get a reply. As I told
Barry Mason
Jan 19, 2010
[Fwd: Convoys Wharf exhibition yesterday] Info. Barry ... Subject: Convoys Wharf exhibition yesterday Date: Sun, 06 Dec 2009 20:41:12 +0000 From: Barry Mason To: Southwark
Barry Mason
Dec 6, 2009
Re: Site A at Planning Committee tonight: 7pm. Town Hall. Pauline Adewalla and I spoke against the application in the 3 minutes allowed to the packed room. We got all our points over about the green edge, the trees,
Barry Mason
Dec 2, 2009
Site A at Planning Committee tonight: 7pm. Town Hall. Sorry - just read Barry's very comprehensive email as I can't access from work these days! Can't come to tonight's meeting as got another commitment and
Sue Ramsay
Dec 1, 2009
Site A at Planning Committee tonight: 7pm. Town Hall. All..... In order to properly understand Rachel Gleave's report dated 1 December 2009 to Southwark's Planning Committee I've made the notes below on it. They
Barry Mason
Dec 1, 2009
09-CO-0129: 760 Old Kent Road Planning application to provide new air quality tester by the new recycling site..... Southwark Cyclists asks Southwark Council to please put on a planning
Barry Mason
Nov 27, 2009
Southwark in bottom quarter of London air quality monitoring Paul, At the Canada Water Forum last night Southwark officer Bill Legassick gave a useful update on how Southwark checks the quality of the air we breathe.
Barry Mason
Nov 16, 2009
CWAAP: BARGEs input Here is BARGEs input to the Canada Water Area Action plan, it is late but we do hope it can be admitted. Please acknowledge. Barry Mason Chair Bermondsey and
Barry Mason
Nov 15, 2009
Re: Canada Water bird raft Thanks for that quick response Nick. I look forward to hearing/seeing the result. Best wishes. Barry 07905 889 005
Barry Mason
Nov 7, 2009
Canada Water bird raft Nick I've noticed that the big bird raft that should sit in the middle of Canada Water has moved moved to the reed edge by the Deal Porter statue. That of
Barry Mason
Nov 6, 2009
[Fwd: CWAAP: comment from BARGEs] We need more input but this is a start. Last night at Rotherhithe Community Council we heard again about local rare orchids on site A which are planned by
Barry Mason
Oct 20, 2009
Re: CWCF Thursday/RCC Monday/BARGES Confirm I'll be at tomorrow night's meeting to lend my support and will aim to be there 15 mins before start of meeting. I don't know the area affected but am
Sue Ramsay
Oct 18, 2009
CWCF Thursday/RCC Monday/BARGES Steve...you've got me going..... Ever since we got our like-thinking and other-selves together a bit and formed BARGEs, we've been working towards doing our
Barry Mason
Oct 17, 2009
[Fwd: London's local Friends Groups vow to protect and improve the c Mairi and I went to this. Very worth the journey. Barry 07905 889 005 ... Subject: London's local Friends Groups vow to protect and improve the capital's
Barry Mason
Oct 13, 2009
[Fwd: CWAAP: comment from BARGEs] Today is the deadline for comments on the Canada Water Action Plan and we really should have discussed this more fully at meetings and here. And I need to get
Barry Mason
Oct 13, 2009
Canterbury in Southwark on Climate Change Tuesday No matter your beliefs, he's a great speaker and fascinating thinker...Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, is speaking on The Climate Crisis at
Barry Mason
Oct 10, 2009
[Fwd: BARGES meeting last night: Southwark Park Sports Centre] Good meeting last night. More work to do getting local surveys of unloved green spaces, good joining up stuff on stopping nasty violence to local foxes, and
Barry Mason
Sep 29, 2009
BARGEs tug £45,000! Two letters today from Councillor Columbo Blango - Chair of Rotherhithe Community Council. BARGEs have won Rotherhithe Cleaner Greener Safer funds for: Bird
Barry Mason
Aug 26, 2009
Last night's bat walk Thanks to Stave Hill's Rebeka for lovely walk last night. 29 people. Two bat-types. We tracked and saw Southwark newcomer Leisler's bat too, as well as
Barry Mason
Aug 20, 2009
Re: September meeting/bat walk Wednesday Barry, Monday 28 September would be best for me. Tim 2009/8/18 Barry Mason
Tim Wilson
Aug 18, 2009
September meeting/bat walk Wednesday Mairi and I had a useful BARGEs progress meeting last night...we now need a general BARGEs meeting to plan the way ahead...with as many active members as
Barry Mason
Aug 17, 2009
Some great local walks SELFs are wonderful too. Walks this weekend. Highly recommended: http://members.lycos.co.uk/skitster/newpage6.html Barry 07905 889 005
Barry Mason
Jul 31, 2009
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