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15 loveboxes yesterday

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  • Barry Mason
    Excellent day at Stave Hill Ecology Park/Russia Dock Woodland yesterday but really sad to see attack evidence quoted below after. Barry 07905 889 005 ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2009
      Excellent day at Stave Hill Ecology Park/Russia Dock Woodland yesterday
      but really sad to see attack evidence quoted below after.

      07905 889 005

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      Subject: Surrey Docks Watersports Centre thoroughfare: fourth request
      Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 11:07:10 +0000
      From: Barry Mason <barrymasonuk@...>
      To: Robinson, Lewis <Lewis.Robinson@...>
      CC: Yeats, Jay <Jay.Yeats@...>, Rajan, Lisa
      <Lisa.Rajan@...>, Noblet, Paul
      <Paul.Noblet@...>, Olamijulo, Beverley
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      julie.vindis@..., Kam Hong Leung
      <kam@...>, Steve Cornish (DDC, FRDW + RAC)
      <stevecornish49@...>, John. Bluett (E-mail)


      Please dig out your response below and send it me.

      At about 4pm yesterday - Valentines Day - on the way back from helping
      to erect 15 lovenests for birds in Russia Dock Woodland, I came across
      police taping off a new crime scene on the path alongside the western
      end of Greenland Dock. Police there said that a lone young woman had
      been attacked and stolen from by a gang of young males. The fall had
      hurt her head badly and she's been ambulanced to hospital. It was good
      to hear that the police had made several fast arrests but that goes
      nowhere near undoing the dreadful cowardly attack.

      And your proposal to shut off the thoroughfare at the Surrey Docks
      Watersports Centre will force pedestrians and cyclists into the lonely
      area on the wrong side of the big boat storage cage and onto Rope Street.

      Can this whole closure issue please be publically discussed at the next
      Rotherhithe Community Council before any such closures take place?

      Can you also please meet interested local people on site - with Buxtons
      the contractor - to agree reasonable health and safety precautions - not
      draconian closures.

      There has been no public consultation on this unilateral and unnecessary
      closure of an excellent waterside path, there was nothing in the FAQS etc.

      And such public discussion should be Southwark Council policy.

      Please then let's get this issue discussed properly and not snuck through.

      Best wishes.

      Barry Mason
      Southwark Cyclists
      07905 889 005

      Robinson, Lewis wrote:
      > Dear Mr Mason,
      > I did respond to your e-mail of 11th January - I am sorry if for some
      > reason this has not reached your account but I know some others have
      > seen it. I will dig out my response and send it to all concerned when I
      > have an opportunity later today.
      > Regards,
      > Cllr Lewis Robinson
      > Executive Member, Culture, Leisure & Sport
      > College Ward (Conservative)
      > Tel: (o) 020 7525 7159 (m) 07815 208066
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Barry Mason [mailto:barrymasonuk@...]
      > Sent: 21 January 2009 08:59
      > To: Robinson, Lewis
      > Cc: Yeats, Jay; Rajan, Lisa; Noblet, Paul; Olamijulo, Beverley; Hubber,
      > David; Hook, Jeffrey; Verster, Andre; Murtagh, Tim; HARTRIDGE-PRICE
      > Colin; valerie.shawcross@...; caroline.pidgeon@...;
      > simon@...
      > Subject: Surrey Docks Watersports Centre thoroughfare: third request
      > Lewis
      > This is Southwark Cyclists third request for an assurance from you and
      > the Council that the Watersports Centre thoroughfare will be kept open
      > for walkers and pedestrians.
      > You've not even acknowledged these notes.
      > This is a highly contentious local issue that involves public access to
      > the watersides. At Canada Water Forum on 12 February we were all
      > reminded about Council broken promises and closed off access here.
      > Do please talk to Surrey Docks Councillors for the background and get
      > back to me.
      > Do also see The Planning Inspectorate's very relevant decision on 16
      > January supporting continued waterside access to locals at Limehouse
      > Basin....."access is a key principle".
      > If all this is too problematic, Southwark Cyclists can gladly advice on
      > safe access during building works etc. We've a great deal of project
      > manager etc experience.
      > We hope to see you at Rotherhithe Community Council on 4 February and a
      > reply well before then.
      > Very best wishes.
      > Barry
      > Southwark Cyclists
      > 07905 889 005
      > Barry Mason wrote:
      >> Lewis....
      >> I'd much appreciate a reply please.
      >> This very contentious issue will be discussed at Rotherhithe Community
      >> Council on 4 February and a very clear Council position before then
      >> would be helpful.
      >> Very best wishes.
      >> Barry Mason
      >> Southwark Cyclists
      >> 07905 889 005
      >> Barry Mason wrote:
      >>> Lewis..
      >>> Very best wishes of the season and for 2009.
      >>> Please confirm that Watersports Centre thoroughfare between the main
      >>> building and the boat cage will be kept open to pedestrians and
      >>> cyclists throughout the very welcome works there and in future.
      >>> Forcing walkers and cyclists round the back of the cage onto Rope
      >>> Street is quite unnecessary, was not part of the consultations or
      >>> FAQs, runs counter to Southwark policies about encouraging
      >>> walking/cycling, arbitrarily cuts off a 30 year old route, and would
      >>> bar dockside access.
      >>> I look forward to your conformation.
      >>> Best wishes.
      >>> Barry Mason
      >>> Coordinator
      >>> Southwark Cyclists
      >>> 07905 889 005
      >>> www.southwarkcyclists.org.uk
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