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RE: [barges] wildlife+garden barge idea!!/Our big grant application

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  • Farrugia, Marian
    Sorry to hear about your bid Barry - In the meantime I have received this info which might be useful for the garden-barges project. Marian Local Food Programme
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 2, 2009
      Sorry to hear about your bid Barry - In the meantime I have received this info which might be useful for the garden-barges project.

      Local Food Programme

      A little over one year into what is a five year programme, the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT) has announced that it will not be accepting any new applications to its Lottery-funded Local Food Programme after 21 August 2009. The Programme supports projects across England that aim to make local food more accessible and affordable to communities. Already enough applications have been received to potentially use up all of the £50 million available, but new bids will be accepted up to the August deadline.


      We covered the Local Food Programme in detail when it started to accept applications in March 2008. Since then £13 million has already been promised to food related projects to benefit individuals and communities across England. Grants range from £2000 to £300,000. There is a special Small Grants scheme for grants between £2000 and £10,000.

      Up to now 115 projects have been supported to a total of £13 million. But larger Beacon Project grants are soon to be awarded, and certainly by August 2009 it is anticipated that there will be enough First Stage applications in the pipeline to use up the remaining money. Should there be any underspend a further application round would be announced.

      Further information.

      Full details are available at www.localfoodgrants.org/grants. A list of currently funded projects is at www.localfoodgrants.org/projects/project_lists.

      Closing date: First Stage applications accepted until 21 August 2009.


      This page was last updated on June 3, 2009

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      From: barges@... [mailto:barges@...] On Behalf Of Barry Mason
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      Subject: [barges] wildlife+garden barge idea!!/Our big grant application

      Really disappointing. ...our big grant application to St Saviours failed.
      Feedback from them on the way.

      But the garden-barges ideas is a lovely one. Glad to help where
      possible. I love the green roof that's suddenly appeared on one of the
      houseboats on South Dock Marina.

      Best wishes.

      07905 889 005

      squaregardener wrote:

      > Barry,
      > I was chatting to a friend
      yesterday who lives by the river on
      > Rotherhithe Street, and she was
      bemoaning the lack of allotment space in
      > Southwark.
      And she had the idea of buying a steel lighter / barge and putting it on
      > one of the moorings in the Thames that are adjacent to Rotherhithe St /
      > Bermondsey Wall and using it as a gardening boat.
      > See
      link for type of boat that could be suitable:
      href="http://barges.apolloduck.co.uk/display.phtml?aid=115446">http://barges. apolloduck. co.uk/display. phtml?aid= 115446
      > <
      href="http://barges.apolloduck.co.uk/display.phtml?aid=115446">http://barges. apolloduck. co.uk/display. phtml?aid= 115446>
      > And then I was thinking that in addition to this we could have a
      > floating wildlife garden around the boat with river / marsh
      > We could get local groups and schools involved on both
      sides of the
      > river, and have a number of dedicated boats/tenders to get
      out to the
      > barge.
      > I like the idea of people from both
      sides of the river being involved in
      > this project. I live in Wapping,
      and on this side we could get the
      > Shadwell sailing club involved and
      possibly keep some boats in their yard.
      > Good things about the
      > 1) Increase local food production
      > 2) Enhance
      local ecology / wildlife
      > 3) Get local kids involved in both gardening
      and wildlife conservation
      > 4) Increase use and appreciation of the
      > 5) It would be great fun!
      > Once one got going and
      was successful, extra dedicated buoys could be
      > put down and we could
      end up with a whole fleet of floating gardens used
      > and enjoyed by the
      local communities.
      > What do you think?

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