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7Captain k'alaa's Corner for June, 2003

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  • kalaahod
    Jun 12, 2003
      Has Science Fiction and Fantasy become a blur on Television?

      Fictional literature is defined by how its characters solve problems.
      In science fiction, the characters rely on more or less plausible
      scientific or technical means to find solutions. Are television shows
      like Buffy, Angel or The X-Files considered sci-fi?

      I would guess that most fans are not extremely picky about how their
      favorite shows are categorized. After all, the point is to have fun
      with it, and if you should happen to learn something, or be inspired
      by something, so much the better. Right?

      From what I have heard from organized and non-organized fandom, it
      all depends on your perspective. If you are a stickler for scientific
      and techie detail, you may not classify shows such as Buffy or
      Hercules as sci-fi.

      Fantasy and Science Fiction have been walking hand and hand since the
      early days of sci-fi's conception. Fantasy is, by far the oldest form
      of telling tales and certainly has garnered numerous fans. Shows like
      Buffy, Angel, Hercules, Xena and Harry Potter are very definitely
      within the realm of fantasy. Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who,
      Babylon 5 and Lexx are very definitely within the realm of science
      fiction. But where do shows like The X-Files, or The Twilight Zone,
      or Roswell Files fit in? They are full of references to magic and the
      occult but heavy in sci-fi themes.

      I am hoping to open a debate about which shows or movies are or are
      not science fiction. Would you like to see your letter in the next
      AMAFSR Newsletter? Send me an email at bluesandsoul@..., with
      Re: Captain k'alaa's Corner for June, 2003 in the Subject line by
      June 16, 2003.
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