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1521advice needed urgently!

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  • soobill2003
    Jun 17, 2003
      Some kindly advice is needed please! I've an A reg, 520i, with 91k
      miles on the clock (my dad's old pride and joy!) I've had an idiot
      reverse into me, causing damage to the bumper area, (no harm to the
      bodywork at all!) The idiots insurance company is telling me the car
      is beyond 'economical repair' and want to treat this as a 'total
      loss'.The work to be done has been estimated at .....£1300 (that's an
      expensive bumper!) The insurance want to take the old girl away for
      £500 or I can keep her and receive £450 towards her repairs. I know
      she's an old car, but she runs like a dream! She's in great condition
      considering her age, she's NOT an old banger! Surely such a low
      mileage has some bearing on what she's worth. Some advice please on
      what's fair and whats a joke!
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