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1566Re: [bmw e28] No Spark

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  • Wesley Clark
    Jun 29, 2003
      There is a a pin welded to the flywheel that the reference sensors pick up a magnetic signal that is sent to the computer that starts and runs engine. Look and see if it was broken off, you can do this by taking one of the sensors out of the bellhousing, and putting something light , such as a popsicle stick, tuen the engine over by a socket on the large nut on the front of the crankshaft, go slow, and you can even shine a light down in the hole where the sensor goes, and see that pin, it is very easy to break off putting a transmission in, i hope that is not the case for you because if it is you will have to remove the transmission, and then the fly wheel, and obtain a new one or one from a salvage yard, because it would be hard , but not impossible to weld a new one back on, i hope this helps. good luck.

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