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1567re: no spark?

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  • Rhett Smith
    Jun 29, 2003
      Yeah, I agree. First check the reference sensor. Make
      sure you don't have the reference sensor switched with
      the 'non-essential' speed sensor.
      After that, I'd check your flywheel and make sure one
      of the teeth have a iron 'pin' on it (that the
      reference sensor uses). The pin may have fell out when
      you were switching the tranny.
      After that, put in a mototronic CPU that you're sure
      works (I got one on ebay for $80), just so you can
      narrow down your search.

      Strange thing...in my 528e'87, the reference sensor
      and the mototronic computer went bad within 10 miles
      of each other. Weird right? NO KIDDING!
      g'luck- rhett.

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