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16921986 535i electrical issue and will not start.

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  • second-shot
    Aug 17, 2003
      I just bought a 535i for 300 bucks. Car looks excellent outside,
      inside good. I had to put new battery in for electrical check up. No
      power windows, and no sunroof.
      Motor turns over but this 535i will not start.
      Maybe out of gas.{lol} Did not hear fuel pump engage on ignition
      position 1 so that was curious. Anyway I am aware of the possible
      number of trial and errors ahead but will someone give me a first do
      list for best and most cost effective procedures. This car was driven
      daily for many years, then one morning it simply would not start and
      has been sitting for 18 months. All help is tremendously appreciated.
      I have been told to thoroughly clean the gas tank or replace it
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