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1706Re: A couple of head scratchers

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  • second-shot
    Aug 19, 2003
      --- In bmwe28@..., "leeroysmythe" <elroysmith@n...>
      > I have been a member of this discussion group for over a month now
      > and have found the daily submittals to be very informative and
      > helpful. Thanks to all of you who share your experience and
      > with the rest of us!
      > I have never had an issue which I have posted on the forum as of
      > but today I do have a couple of problems I would like to solicit
      > advice on. I have a VERY nice '88 535i w/ 118,000 orig. miles (you
      > can check it out in his forum's photo section under "Leeroy
      > 1988 535i") and since I bought it several months ago I have been
      > going through the car and bringing maintenance up to date and
      > things. There are 2 problems that perplex me though. (1) I can't
      > my telescoping steering column to telescope and (2) the onboard
      > computer readout can't be seen at night, but during the day, if the
      > sun angle is right, I can faintly see it and the information on the
      > readout is correct but LED appears to be burnt out. Can these
      > readouts be replaced w/o replacing the whole onboard computer? And
      > concerning the steering column, what's the deal there? I took the
      > steering col. covers off and still couldn't figure out what was
      > causing it to be seized. Hopefully somebody can offer some insight.
      > Thanks,
      > Thomas

      Is there not a lever below the column?
      Maybe you just aren't pulling hard enough.
      It could surely get jammed or sludged so to speak if no one ever used
      it for 16 years or so. lol
      Bill in Memphis
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