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1725Re: oil change type of oil

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  • sfj642
    Aug 22, 2003

      I agree with you completely - almost !

      I have used Castrol and Mobil fully synthetic oils alsmost since they
      came out. My VW Golf did over 100,000 miles with me with no engine
      trouble and was still going at 150,000; My Morris Ital (1300cc so
      worked very hard) also did 150,000 from new before rust saw it off.
      My 1956 Rover 90 did over 100,000 miles in ten years 1990-2000 with
      never a hint of engine trouble and it is now up to 220,000. Both
      BMW's have fully synthetic oils with no problem.

      The only place I disagree with you is that I rarely change the oil
      once it is installed - Mobil reckon on 25,000 or two years between
      changes anyway. I DO change the filters at recommended intervals and
      just top-up to replace the oil lost at the time. So I think you are
      wasting money changing it as often as you do.

      Try the thumb and finger test if you don't believe me !

      From the major manufacturers at least, fully synthetic oils are
      excellent, the engines run smoother, possibly faster (less friction)
      and as I have proved, last forever ! So I reckon that it is CHEAPER
      to run on synthetic, NOT more costly.

      Just my thoughts ....

      Regards from Jim Butterworth
      1984 528i SE auto
      1988 318i auto

      --- In bmwe28@..., john macdonald <johnmacdon@b...>
      > john mac
      > I change the oil in my 528 every 2000-3000klms and I always use
      mobil 1
      > synthetic or castrol R 10-60 synthetic the car has done 300000klms
      > I feel it is good insurance to pamper the old girl especially as it
      > a manual and I still like to give it a little stick and about
      > ago I had some trouble with one of the rings sticking which cured
      > itself but ever since then I have gone to this expensive oil and
      > had no trouble although I was using a half synthetic before, do I
      > to?
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