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1786TRX Tyres

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  • jstadnicki@aol.com
    Sep 3, 2003
      Hello all - Got a problem sourcing some new tyres for my '82 528i. The ones
      on the car are 200/60r390 and a firm up north (UK) has informed me that they
      can supply me with 230/55r390 tyres. I'm slightly concerned about the 3cm extra
      width fouling on the wheel arch over big bumps. M5s have 225/60r390's on them
      so I figure, maybe foolishly,the extra width shouldn't make a difference. Does
      anyone in this group have any knowledge in this area?


      P.S. I was quoted £640 for four Michelin TRXs at my local ATS!!!!!!!

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