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  • Serg
    Sep 13, 2003
      Guys... i need anwser quick and bad...
      I am buying 88 bmw 535i
      The thing i need to know is this... that beemer... sunroof doesnt
      close all the way... the black wind deflector doesnt go down (looks
      like plastic melted in heat (i think it was 110) so diflected dont do
      down it sunroof from looks of it gets stock cuz of it... if u hold
      wind deflector down it closed almost all the way but still gets stuck
      in the end... does anyone know if its easy to fix? and how... i need
      to figure it out if its easy or i need to deal with whole sunroof
      motor etc etc... has any1 had something like this.. and if its any
      common? i know this is weird but car is very good and i want to get
      it... just has alot of small weird problems that are easy to fix
      (besides ac conpressor leak) so pls let me know...
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