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1927RE: [bmw e28] hauling a trailer

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  • Doug Dykaar
    4 Nov 10:49

      You want a trailer that has a low "tongue" weight, like a two axle trailer.
      That keeps the trailer load from pressing down on the car.

      Then you just have to worry about stopping, and some trailers have a "surge
      brake" which is a hydraulic braking system activated when you start braking,
      and the forward motion of the trailer relative to the car is used to apply
      brakes on the trailer.

      What do your buds at Uhaul suggest?


      ps. I would avoid death valley if I were you.

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      Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2003 16:57:43 -0000
      From: "confuciousb" <Conalbuckley@...>
      Subject: hauling a trailer

      So I'm moving. In about a month I'm going to depart on a trip
      that will put me through 17 states and part of Canada in my 1988
      535i, the long way from Chicago, Il to Vancouver, BC.
      One of the first things I did was go out and buy a trailer hitch
      for my car. So here's the trouble. I will be limited to what weight
      I can haul by how much it will bear down on my rear suspension. I am
      hoping that someone somewhere at some time made some sort of insert
      for my rear suspension that will allow me to put more weight on
      I'm considering getting some rubber stoppers and arranging them in
      my rear suspension in a way that will evenly increase my rear load
      capacity without doing any major harm. One thing I should note is
      that I plan to replace the springs and shocks next year so increased
      wear is not a worry for me, although breaking down in the middle of
      death valley is.
      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, I'm shipping out on the
      27th of November and don't have alot to spend.