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1960Re: [bmw e28] 528 won't idle and other things

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  • Conal Buckley
    Nov 14, 2003
      Sounds like lost pressure in your crank case. It's just like if you take
      off your oil cap the car will die. wipe down the top of the crank case, get
      it clean and sparkley, rev it up to about 2500 and look to see is there is
      any oil splatter, I betcha there's a gasket or a seal that could use

      On a completely unrelated matter, i've been getting a strange ticking
      sound from the underside of my car when I'm above 40. It only happens when
      my foot is off the gas. After three mechanics and the ruling out of a half
      dozen possibilities (something rubbing against my slotted rotors, loose
      shield on my Cat converter, devulcanized exhaust hangers, etc.) we finally
      discovered that it is my vibration dampener around my flex disc. The disc
      would torque up when I was accelerating and keeping it from rattling, but
      when my foot got off the gas pedal the axle would literally wobble around at
      a scary speed. The moral of all this is that if I had had my flex disc
      inspected (easy to do, prop up your back wheels, idle it in gear at third
      and watch the flex disc spin) I would have known to replace it ($45) but
      instead I have to replace my vibration dampener too ($205!!!!). So I'd say
      this would be a good thing to check once a year or so, it's located directly
      behind the rear seal for your tranny, can't miss it.

      >my 82 528i won't idle it just happened suddenly I have checked of the air
      >hoses between the air meter and the manifold and I can't find a air leak
      >there appears to be a fair bit of oil blowby in the hoses apart from that I
      >can't find any thing the engine was running perfect before this any ideas
      >would be welcome
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