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1961cat purs////!!

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  • Dutch man
    14 Nov 19:27
      ok.. i have a 83 528e, i have replaced the catylic convert. twice so far and after a month of driving the car, it burns out (i open it up at mienkie (i know i know) and the honey comb stuff was like straight black and falling out, it was getting in my tail pipe and putting back pressure on engine...

      i know when it's burnt up casue i can here the stuff in the cat rattling around (pur.. hehe j/k)

      what could cause this.. after i first boaght the car (i had jsut turned 16 i know i know i am stupid @ss) i ran off road and puched hoels all along the cat and exaust

      had to get whole thing replaced, so cheapest way to go was a universal POS kit...

      well there u ahve it,, what could be burning up my pos cat in a month????

      and what risk am i running from just taking it off and cleaning it out, and putting it bck on????

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