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1967Re: [bmw e28] cat purs!!

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  • pommeree
    17 Nov 09:08
      Sorry to rain on your parade but ...
      If you've burnt through two Cats in a year then something is way off.
      The engine is dumping gas which the cat then attempts to burn off
      (like it should) but there's so much that the CAT is getting
      incinerated. (Ask me how I know!)

      For a fraction of the price of a custom exhaust (bypass) and new CAT
      you should get the thing tuned up at the local imports place.
      Both your performance and mileage should improve significantly if
      you're dumping gas bad enough to incinerate two cats.

      Also in NC there are only a handful of Counties that sniff the
      See the following for current counties and policies.

      The remaining counties need to see OEM emissions hardware on the car
      if it's less than 25 Yrs. old.
      If it's rigged with a snap-off CAT most reputable garages are going
      to fail you.

      Eric P.
      Durham, NC
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