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1970Re: [bmw e28] cat purs!!

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  • Dutch man
    17 Nov 20:58
      cool yeh if sniffing is probing the @ss end of my car yes we do it in mecklenburg county....

      i was talking to a cert. mechanic who was towing my car (after water pump went out..) he tell me to do just that... he say it should pass emissions,, is this true????

      maybe if i use bottle of "pass-away" (celans fuel injectors and whole system passes inspection i did it last year after i fail,, brought from a 3.20 in c02 (i think) to a 0.8 )
      maybe this might be a solution after i celan cat???

      PQ: does the cat really burn alot of polution that the engine would miss? i would think the engine would be hot enough??>

      pommeree <elvis@...> wrote:
      I'm sorry,
      *cheapest* solution (common to non-sniffing NC counties. I know
      folks who've done this)

      - Cut out the cat, or use one of your spent ones.
      - Use a broom handle to bust out the honeycomb.
      - Weld the cat back in place.

      (I don't think you can count on it simply burning away and if it's
      choking on something else, it's just going to plug)
      The emissions folks will see a cat in place for visual inspection but
      becuase they don't sniff, emissions don't matter.
      If you're in a sniffing county (which I'm guessing your not) then
      you're forced to make it ALL right.
      Check out the link I sent before to NCDOT.
      They're adding a bunch more counties in 2004 and I don't know what
      the policy is on "grandfathering" cars.
      Eric P.

      --- In bmwe28@..., Dutch man <renshawraven9@y...> wrote:
      > SOO.. in conclusion, "EVENTUALLY" all of the "honey comb" stuff
      inside the cat would burn up and fly out right????? so
      eventually.. the cat would get hollow?? (i am TOTALLY broke at
      this point so reduing the top end of engine would be a b%^&)

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