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1996Re: [bmw e28] Pristine e28 for sale

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  • Ron Kall
    Dec 8, 2003
      The link did not work. Where is the car located at?
      What are the pricing expectations? I have 240k on my
      1986 ETA engine. No overhauls yet and does not use a
      drop of oil between oil changes, 20W50, every 3k

      --- jtt220 <jtt220@...> wrote:
      > please cut and paste this url -
      > http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?
      > ViewItem&item=2446229978&category=6008&rd=1
      > ends Sunday!!! Goodluck to all...
      > NO RESERVE AUCTION. High bidder purchases.
      > -----------
      > General Information--
      > Up for bid is my 5-speed 1982 BMW 528e. The car is
      > being sold to
      > make room for another collectable bimmer. If I had
      > the space, I
      > would keep this vehicle as well. However space is
      > limited and one
      > must go. The car is overall in excellent shape. This
      > auction will
      > appeal to BMW enthusiasts and collectors. This is
      > one of the finest
      > e28s that I have every seen or driven and I am
      > confident the next
      > owner will feel the same way. I purchased this car
      > from my neighbor
      > who was the original owner. I keep very good care of
      > my vehicles but
      > my neighbor is downright meticulous. To say this car
      > has been babied
      > would be a huge understatement. It has rarely ever
      > been driven in
      > the rain, always been garage kept, and never touched
      > the road during
      > the winter months. When parked in the garage it is
      > kept covered and
      > parked on carpet squares to protect the tires.
      > Through maintenance
      > has been kept current or done ahead of schedule.
      > There are very few
      > issues with this car and all are detailed below.
      > This car is a
      > weekend driver and has always served this function.
      > It is not a
      > concours car, so please do not expect perfection.
      > Please read all
      > section of the description before bidding. Goodluck!
      > -----------
      > Engine/Drivetrain--
      > The eta engine in this vehicle is in top condition.
      > There are 99,024
      > actual miles on this car, as pictured below and
      > verified thru
      > carfax. I recently had the timing belt changed and
      > have the records
      > to verify this. I have all maintenance records from
      > my ownership and
      > many from the original owner. The engine compartment
      > is clean but
      > not exceptionally clean. I had a tune up performed
      > this spring when
      > the car was in for the timing belt as well. The
      > clutch feels strong
      > and there are no grinds going into any gear. The
      > shifter is firm and
      > precise. She runs very well, always starts easy
      > (when cold and when
      > warm), and has no running issues.
      > -----------
      > Exterior--
      > The exterior of this car is original and looks
      > exceptional for a
      > driver's car. The paint is glossy and lustrous.
      > There is no damage
      > and very little signs of wear. All trim is in good
      > condition,
      > however the aluminum is a little foggy (very common
      > in early BMWs).
      > The car has developed two small rust spots that I
      > would give
      > immediate attention to if I was to keep the car. The
      > first is behind
      > the driver's front wheel well. The second is in
      > front of the
      > passenger's rear wheel well. Please see pictures
      > below. All glass is
      > in excellent condition and original. The wheels are
      > original and
      > perfect. The tires have less than 2k miles on them.
      > All lights
      > function properly, all doors and lids work as well.
      > There are no
      > other known issues with the exterior.
      > -----------
      > Interior--
      > I have a set of BMW seat cover that will come with
      > the car and have
      > protected the front seats since the car was new. All
      > leather is in
      > like new condition. The dash is not cracked. The
      > door panels are in
      > excellent condition. The headliner looks good
      > overall but does have
      > very minor staining from water getting in the cabin.
      > This is a very
      > common sign of a slight leak in either the moonroof
      > or the rear
      > vents. I have never noticed any active leaking of
      > either. The
      > headliner on the moonroof was removed to try and
      > find the source of
      > any leak. I have the liner, it is in good condition
      > and is waiting
      > to be reinstalled. I can do this if the buyer
      > requests. The carpet
      > is very good and shows no stains. The mats are BMW
      > mats and are in
      > very good condition. This is the nicest interior I
      > have seen in this
      > vintage bimmer.
      > -----------
      > Other--
      > I think I have exhausted descriptions of all areas
      > one may be
      > interested in. However, I am sure a serious buyer
      > will need more
      > info. I will check my email on a daily basis so
      > please send your
      > questions and I will try to answer them promptly.
      > Thank-you for your
      > interest!
      > -----------

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