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1999Re: Intermittent starting problems

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  • milkandcereal10
    Dec 12, 2003
      i had the same problem with my '85 535i. mine wouldn't start in cold
      weather-about 40 degrees Fahrenheit and below. first time i took it
      to the shop it was low voltage only around 12 volts i think and they
      put in a new battery with a new positive terminal. two weeks later, a
      cold front dropped temperatures once again and the car wouldn't start
      it was turning over, just wouldn't fire up, just last week infact.
      prognosis was a faulty reference sensor. apparently the reference
      sensor tells the computer that the engine is turning over so it can
      in turn, fire. they charged me 96.90 for the part. have your mechanic
      check the voltage on your battery, it might be a little low due to
      the cold and to slave in a sensor to check if it is bad. hope this


      > I have a 1988 528e, and it generally runs great. It would not start
      > the other day, it did crank, like it wasn't getting gas. I brought
      > to the mechanic who replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter
      > supposedly for just cause, and it worked fine for a few days until
      > happened again, it just felt like it was getting no gas on start
      > it just cranked. Towed it to the mechanics, and it started?? The
      > only odd part is the oxy. sensor lite just went on a few days
      ago, ??
      > I am at a loss, and fear I will not trust what the mechanic says
      > Does anyone have any thoughts??
      > Thanks
      > Russ
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