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2002New user - broken speedo/econometer

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  • joepietrzak@yahoo.co.uk
    Dec 15, 2003
      Hello All,
      I'm the proud newish owner of a pretty mint 170,000 mile 1985 520i. I
      got it back from it's MOT last week hoping they'd fix the dash, they
      haven't. Does anyone have any tips for checking what/where the
      problem is? The rev counter, water temp and fuel gauge all work fine
      it's just the speedo/odometer doesn't work at all and the econometer
      is all over the place. I was going to get my Lotus electrician mate
      to fix it but he's in Turin til next week fixing Fiats, I think he'll
      need more than a week!
      Also any free/cheap/easy mods to increase fuel economy would be
      appreciated, does improving air flow also improve efficiency?
      Finally, is anyone on here from the Norfolk/Suffolk area? Cheers for
      now, Joexxx