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2113Re: M535 Wheels. . those are M-System II

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  • fatdaddybmw
    Jan 18, 2004

      Those wheels are very easy to identify. Those are the M-System II
      wheels. Since you say they came off of an '89 7 Series (aka E32), I
      know the width and offset of them for you. Here are the specs.

      ET20 offset
      235/45-17 original tire size

      Here's a link to information on that wheel:


      If the link doesn't work, go to bmwe34m5.com, click on FAQs, and
      then Tires and Wheels, and then "Throwing Star" wheels.

      As you can see, the wheel is actually a 5-spoke black wheel with a

      Originally, that wheel cover only came in silver. Someone obviously
      painted the wheel cover and the lip gold.

      You have a very nice set of wheels, there, and they're rare with
      those specs. I don't see many (if any at all) E32 M-System II
      wheels in the States.

      Hope this helps,
      Brad Couvillon

      --- In bmwe28@..., "Martin Heath" <daktari@s...> wrote:
      > Hi all.
      > Happy New Year.
      > Not sure if anyone here can help on this one. Put some 17 inch
      > wheels on my M535 but dont know what they are off. There width is
      > 8inches and the tyres i`m using are profiler G`s Incredible grip!!
      > 235/45x17.
      > I`ve covered about 6k miles on them now with no adverse effects in
      > either handling or wear. The pcd is obviously the same as bmw
      > as is the centre bore. Not sure if the offset is right but seeing
      > i`ve not suffered any wear problems i would think it`s pretty well
      > ok.
      > If anyone can identify these wheels i would be very gratefull.This
      > is the link to follow.
      > i&.dnm=5+Spoke.jpg&.src=gr
      > Regards
      > Martin
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