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2118Anybody done this?

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  • MrClegg
    Jan 20, 2004
      Hi All,
      Via a somewhat convoluted (but legal) route I can lay my hands on a
      set of old 15 inch 7 series BMW wheels. I'm quite keen to get them so
      I can replace the metric wheels on my 528i.
      The 7 series wheels come fitted with 225/60/15 tyres, they are too
      good not to use but... using the tyre size comparison spreadsheet the
      overall diameter increases from the current 24.8 inches (200/60/390)
      to 25.6 inches - has anybody fitted an oversized tyre who can tell me
      if this will cause me any problems?
      I'd love to get hold of the wheels but will give them a miss if
      they'll cause me headaches using them.

      Thanks in advance
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