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2141rims and wheels question

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  • abgueco2001
    Jan 30, 2004
      i got a 520 e28. ive seen pics of these wearing 16's and 17's. damn
      do they look great, that's why i was elated to put on bigger
      magwheels. can anybody give me an advice which offset best fit? i
      bought a set 17 inch bbs magwheels, sad thing is those things where
      originally from toyota. i was thinking of taking them to a machine
      shop and have them fit my car? is that good? another problem is that
      the front wheel's 8 inches thick and the rear's 9, leaving me no
      choice but to put 235 for the front and 255 for the rear. will it do
      me any good if i use some spacers?
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