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2148Re: [bmw e28] radiator temp switches and electrical probs

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  • steve
    Jan 31, 2004
      I have had small electrical faults due to corrosion at connections and
      even corrosion on the onboard commp. circuit board rendering it useless. I
      tried a product from work called ACF-50, I figured a couple drops on the
      circuit board can't hurt seeing as it had white powder all over, I was
      expecting to scrap it. (hasn't worked since I bought the car 4 months
      When I put the computer back in, it worked! Not a word of a lie-a couple
      drops was all I did-nothing else! It has been just over 1 year and not a
      problem whatsoever. I have since used it on every connection I can find.
      We use this product on our waterbombing aircraft which see salt-water duty
      from time to time. Aluminum + salt = practically instant corrosion! I have
      never seen the immediate effect at work like I did on my 535i.
      The product meets military specs and is described as "kills corrosion on
      contact, prevents and deactivates corrosion". I have used similar products
      but not with the same results. The name on the can says : Lear Chemical,
      Mississsauga, Ontario 1-800-256-2548. I have no idea if it's available in
      UK. I can try to give more info if anyone wants. I'm sure there are similar
      products, but in my 15 years of working with western Canadian sea/float
      planes and amphibious aircraft, nothing I have tried comes close.
      Unfortunately, I am not affiliated with the company. But my supply is
      getting low in case any one who is affiliated with them is reading this!
      I'm not sure if Wurth makes a similar product, but every Wurth product I
      have tried on cars and aircraft- has out-performed it's common North
      American equivalent, especially that Rost-off(used for rear subframe bushing
      removal, exhaust nuts,etc).
      Sorry about the length of this but I have realized that there are many
      people with electrical/corrosion issues. Try this stuff-I know it will work!
      Good Luck,
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      > usually a high resistance at a connection (probably at the fuse)
      > Steve
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      > Subject: [bmw e28] radiator temp switches and electrical probs
      > each time i'm in a traffic i always notice my temp guage going up, so
      > i suspect the switches on the radiators were worn out, i already
      > ordered some but they're still not available. so i jumpered the low
      > fan wires to get it running. problem is on my fuse box, the fuse
      > holder for the auxillary fan seems to be melting. the odd thing is
      > the fuse still werks but the holder's a meting plastic literally.
      > anybody who has the same problem? help.
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