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21911985 535i (12/84 mfg date) ignition lock replacement

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  • ronjkall
    Feb 9, 2004

      I started trying to replace the ignition lock to correct
      a non start problem. It seemed that the key was not making
      starter contact turning all the way to the right. I removed
      the steering wheel and lower housing and the set screw on the
      ignition key assembly, but I could not get the lock part out
      of the bore that it sits in. It was not a question of clearance,
      like the "crowbar" posting, I do not think. The lock does not come
      out. I resorted to brute force and broke a screwdriver trying to
      pry it out. It is still stuck there as a mass of lead. My next
      plan is to try and drill it out? Any thoughts out there? I have
      read some things, but I do not plan on going after the shear bolts
      with a drill to get the ignition working. My fall back is to go to a
      toggle switch and push button before I take off the top shroud on the
      steering column. That part is built BMW tough.


      Ron Kall