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2216Re: [bmw e28] e28 520 petrol tank

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  • aj_thomson2003
    Feb 20, 2004
      Thanks Martin - I think I'll do the Euro Car Parts route.
      apparently all e28 tanks are prone to rotting. bummer. All I need
      now is a garage who aren't total cowboys to put it in.

      There's also a small (1.5 square inch) rust patch under the nearside
      wheelarch, but that's all. I think that should be OK.

      The other raging debate is the SI indicator - which is
      intermittent. Some say it is imperative I replace the whole board
      as the NiCad battery might leak all over the dash electrics, but
      some owners (including the BMW garage) say this is not necessary adn
      they've never actually seen it happen. It's bloody expensive to do
      (you have to get a whole new SI board,not just the battery) so I'm
      hesitant unless it's really necessary.

      I can't wait - 1 week from today & I'll have my very own e28! next
      step is to join the BMW owners club.



      --- In bmwe28@..., "Martin Heath" <daktari@s...> wrote:
      > You can get a new pattern tank from euro car parts. £77 + The
      dreaded VAT. I
      > just got one myself. :-)
      > Martin
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      > From: "aj_thomson2003" <aj_thomson@h...>
      > To: <bmwe28@...>
      > Sent: Friday, February 20, 2004 2:48 PM
      > Subject: [bmw e28] e28 520 petrol tank
      > Hello,
      > I will shortly be the proud owner of an '87 520i Lux Auto. It is
      > immaculate condition with one exception - there is a small leak on
      > the pipe from the petrol filler to the petrol tank. I am told that
      > I need to replace the entire petrol tank, and that it is not
      > advisable to pick one up from a breakers - rather, get one new.
      > I've spotted a generic tank on Easy Car Parts for £100, which is
      > bad. But I wonder if any of you know of a decent garage in London
      > that's not going to rip me off?
      > Thanks,
      > A
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