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2236RE: Heater valve control

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  • Doug Dykaar
    Feb 25, 2004

      The voltage will oscillate w/ a few second duty cycle only when you're right
      at the set temperature. When my valve failed, it would cycle hot and cold at
      random. Amazingly, its a trivial part to replace, being located at the top
      rear, drivers side of the engine bay. Normally any broken part requires the
      car to be removed from the part, but only after removing (and breaking) a
      bunch of other unrelated stuff that later turns out to have been uneccessary
      to remove ib the first place but seemed like a good idea at the time...


      85 e28 535i

      Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 13:24:52 -0000
      From: "nico_visser100" <hisscocpt@...>
      Subject: Heater valve control

      I Ahve a 1986 520i with a problem on the heater valve control, well I
      suspect that. When the top and bottom air vents inside the car is
      open it pushes in hot air all the time.I have had the valve
      controller replaced with a 2nd hand part because initially it did not
      let any hot air into the cabin and now it never stops! I have checked
      the heater control knob inside the car but only get 12V or 0V readout
      on my multimeter at the plug connection when turning the knob.
      Can anyone help please?I only recently aquired the car and have to
      learn a lot.

      Nico (South Africa)
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