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2247RE: [bmw e28] What have I done?

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  • Ben Broke-Smith
    Feb 29, 2004
      Excellent choice! I've been considering an identical set for quite some
      time, but due to my car's jacking points deciding they want to sprout holes
      I just can't afford new wheels right now.

      They'll fit just fine with 225/50/16, which was original fitment to M5s and
      a really good choice. I imagine they'd be ok with 205/55/16s too if you
      wanted but there's not much point since the 225s should be perfect.

      Shod with some nice 225s they'll really look the dogs dangly bits. :)

      I have heard that E38 wheels combined with certain tyres can be a little
      close on the front shock towers, but if they are then you'll only require
      some very small spacers on the front, and I do know of numerous cars with
      those exact wheels, 225s and no spacers.

      Hope this helps you out!



      >From: Craig Newman <mrcleggsbike@...>
      >Reply-To: bmwe28@...
      >To: BMW E28 Group <bmwe28@...>
      >Subject: [bmw e28] What have I done?
      >Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 20:21:27 +0000 (GMT)
      >I've just picked up a set of E34/E39 16 inch alloys to avoid
      >buying metric tyres in fact these very ones...
      >The tyres on them are 235/60/16 way to big for my E28 and as the
      >buyer said "bald" but the wheels are 8J. 225/50/16 would provide
      >the correct overall diameter and IIRC fit nicely on the 8 inch
      >wheel but will 8Js fit OK or do I need to start looking for some
      >Obviously I'd like to know before I buy tyres!
      >To be honest it never occured to me to ask the width before I
      >bought them and as they're in excellent condition I would like
      >to keep and use them not just try and sell them on!
      >Advice much appreciated.
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