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2256'86 528e lifter noise?

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  • Barry Mercer
    Mar 7, 2004
      Thanks for the welcome to your group!

      My sisters father in law, gave her dauter his '86 528e, and I went to
      check it out for her this afternoon. The car is in very good shape
      overal, but has lots of ticking noise coming from what sounds like
      the number two lifter. I know nothing about the valve train on this
      car, and can't even guess what it cost to fix a collapsed lifter, if
      that is what it is. What kind of valve set up is it, other than what
      I already know, that it is an overhead valve operation?

      I appreciate anything that you can give me on this, and Thank you in

      VME Barry
      VP of the Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts of Seattle.
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