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2278E28/M535i...ingnition barrel/key fault.

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  • axh558
    Mar 14, 2004
      I brought a M535i yesterday she`s not 100% cosmic wise ..but she
      drives 100%.But when i went out to start her this morning the key
      would not turn all the way round to start,then on the second attempt
      the key would not turn at all!
      Does this sound like a new barrel/key or both or am i missing
      something like a hidden button/switch on the steering lock.
      I only have one set of keys and there is no key numbers.Key is fine
      in all doors.

      I know the net is not the sort of place to ask such things but:is
      there a way around this untill i can get her fixed as i need the car
      for work(i think it wise to direct e-mail me if you have any info on
      the over riding barrel and key)also replacement parts for lock and
      barrel where and how much aprox??
      Its also on the original TRX-metric wheels,what inch wheels do i need
      to look for to replace them(i will need two trx tyres in a couple of
      months or so/TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!).

      Thanks inadvance,and also a great group,glad i found it!

      Ben Tabor