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2280RE: [bmw e28] E28/M535i...ingnition barrel/key fault.

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  • ben tabor
    Mar 14, 2004
      I have tried everything short of a hammer!
      Thanks for the wheel/tyre information,i will get on to that(if she ever runs

      >From: "Ben Broke-Smith" <astonmartinv8@...>
      >Reply-To: bmwe28@...
      >To: bmwe28@...
      >Subject: RE: [bmw e28] E28/M535i...ingnition barrel/key fault.
      >Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 12:05:55 +0000
      >Hi Ben,
      >I'm afraid I can't help you with the key issue, but the first thing that
      >springs to mind is have you tried jiggling the steering wheel while turning
      >the key?? Silly suggestion I know but it could just be the steering lock
      >holding everything up...?
      >With regards to wheels and tyres. I would replace the M535i TRXs with 15s,
      >16s or 17s, depending on what you want. Have a look on Ebay, I should think
      >for direct replacement you want either a set of 15s from an E34 or E32,
      >preferably with 205/60/15s or 225/55/15s. If they have 225/60/15s from
      >on the E34(5 series 88-95)/32(7 series 86-94) then they should fit, just
      >speedo will read a very marginal amount lower and they'll look a bit too
      >"chunky" for the car. you find a set of wheels with those tyres.
      >Alternatively, and this is what I would go for in keeping with the M535i's
      >character, you could get 16s, there are some really nice sets of 16s from
      >the E38 7 series (94-01/2?) and from the 8 series that will fit beautifully
      >with 225/50/16s.
      >Be aware that the bigger the wheels you pick, the more sensitive the car
      >will become to flaws in the suspension bushings etc, and also more
      >to wheel balance.
      >Wheels from the 3 series won't fit without huge (2cm) spacers, as they're
      >the wrong offset.
      >Incidentally, if I were replacing my wheels (I will do eventually, �s
      >permitting) I'd go for 17s, but I'm looking to set up my car as a bit of a
      >go-kart for track use and ultimate handling ability.
      >Hope that helps you out a bit!
      >Ben - 1987 E28 525i
      > >From: "axh558" <bentabor150@...>
      > >Reply-To: bmwe28@...
      > >To: bmwe28@...
      > >Subject: [bmw e28] E28/M535i...ingnition barrel/key fault.
      > >Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 08:42:21 -0000
      > >
      > >I brought a M535i yesterday she`s not 100% cosmic wise ..but she
      > >drives 100%.But when i went out to start her this morning the key
      > >would not turn all the way round to start,then on the second attempt
      > >the key would not turn at all!
      > >Does this sound like a new barrel/key or both or am i missing
      > >something like a hidden button/switch on the steering lock.
      > >I only have one set of keys and there is no key numbers.Key is fine
      > >in all doors.
      > >
      > >I know the net is not the sort of place to ask such things but:is
      > >there a way around this untill i can get her fixed as i need the car
      > >for work(i think it wise to direct e-mail me if you have any info on
      > >the over riding barrel and key)also replacement parts for lock and
      > >barrel where and how much aprox??
      > >Its also on the original TRX-metric wheels,what inch wheels do i need
      > >to look for to replace them(i will need two trx tyres in a couple of
      > >months or so/TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!).
      > >
      > >Thanks inadvance,and also a great group,glad i found it!
      > >
      > >Ben Tabor
      > >
      > >
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